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BioTrack: Upload & Share QA Result COAs
BioTrack: Upload & Share QA Result COAs

How to attach a primary and supplemental COA to a set of QA results and share with your vendors in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 9/19/23

Here's how to upload a primary and supplemental COA PDF (also called certificates) from your QA lab for a set of QA results and link either COA to a QR code in a label.

Upload & Share QA Certificates

1. Click on the Pass or Pending button under the QA column:

2. Upload your PDF files in either the primary or supplementary areas described below:

A. Use Upload Certificate to upload the primary COA from your lab. Use this option if you only have one PDF to upload.

B. Use Upload Supplemental Certificate to upload a second PDF file if you received an additional COA from your lab.

3. Now when any item with this QA result is on an order, use Print/Share from within the order. Use Email QA Certs to email the PDFs to your vendor or the Download QA options to download all COAs to your desktop:

Note: When using the Print/Share options for QA results, both the primary and supplementary COA PDFs will be included.

Add QR Code to a Label

You can link either the primary COA or supplementary COA file to a QR code within a label conveniently for retailers and consumers to scan.

For a complete walkthrough on using the Label Editor, see Wholesale: Create Your Own Custom Labels.

1. On Admin > Labels/Templates, click the Editor button on the label:

2. On the Barcode tab, click the QR code image to add a new QR Code to the label, or click on the existing QR code:

Tip! Click and drag the corners of the QR code box to re-size it as you need.

3. With the QR code on the label selected, scroll down to the Field(Text) dropdown in the Barcode menu:

4. Select the option corresponding to either the primary or supplementary PDF file you would like to link to the QR code, described below:

A. Select QaCoaUrl to link the primary COA

B. Select QaCoaUrl2 to link the supplemental COA

Tip! Only one Field(Text) option can be set for a single QR code. To store another value, add an additional QR code to the label.

5. With the Field(Text) option selected, click Save:

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