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Wholesale: Shelf Life Dates

A guide to assigning, modifying, and filtering by Expiration, Sell By, or Use By Dates in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Assign Shelf Life Dates while Packaging Inventory

Assign Shelf Life Dates while packaging or converting inventory.

1. Click on the Package tool and proceed with the standard steps for packaging inventory as usual


2. Before clicking Preview, set the Expiration, Sell By, or Use By Dates. Click not set, set it manually, then select the desired date from the calendar.

3. Save the date assignment by clicking the blue checkmark

4. The Expiration, Sell By, or Use By Dates assigned will also be available for preview before confirming and completing the packaging process

Metrc Disclaimer:

  • In certain Metrc markets, specific traceability types may necessitate the use of these fields during packaging. If applicable to you, the Shelf Life Date will be marked as *required in GrowFlow.

  • Shelf Life Dates are assigned to a package in Metrc only when required due to Metrc API limitations. Shelf Life Dates assigned in GrowFlow will not transfer to Metrc if they are not required for the specific traceability type.

5. Once all relevant dates are set and the package is previewed and confirmed, the applied dates can be viewed in their respective columns on the Inventory Overview.

6. To add these columns to your Inventory Overview, click on the arrow in the actions area, then click Apply once the column selections are made.

Modify Shelf Life Dates

Shelf Life Dates can be modified or applied to inventory items using the Modify tool on the Inventory Overview.

Metrc Disclaimer: Modifying Shelf Life Dates is only available for users in Washington, and BioTrack or Standalone states. For Metrc-connected users in GrowFlow, Shelf Life Dates cannot be modified due to Metrc API limitations.

1. On the Inventory Overview, locate and select the packages you wish to modify or apply Shelf Life Dates to, then click Modify

2. In the Details section, set the desired Shelf Life Dates, then click Modify Inventory to save

Filter by Shelf Life Dates

Filter by Shelf Life Dates from the Inventory Overview:

And when creating or editing orders:

Dynamic Fields for Labeling

Expiration Date: {{ExpirationDate}}

Sell By Date: {{SellByDate}}

Use By Date: {{UseByDate}}

For more information on creating and editing labels, see:

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