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Wholesale: Package Bulk Material into Pre-Packaged Inventory
Wholesale: Package Bulk Material into Pre-Packaged Inventory

How to package your Bulk Material into sellable, retail-ready inventory in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 10/12/2022

GrowFlow makes it easy to convert your bulk cannabis into retail-ready products like pre-rolls or jars! In this example, let’s look at how to convert your bulk flower into pre-packaged 3.5g jars.

Let's get started!

1. Navigate to Inventory Overview and click the Package button.

  • In some jurisdictions, you may know this button as Convert.

In the Package Inventory window, select the following:

2. Pre-packaged items

3. What are we making? Select the pre-packaged traceability type applicable to your jurisdiction such as Flower (each) or Usable Marijuana

4. What kind? Select the applicable Product Template or strain-specific Product from the drop-down

  • Note: If a Product is not yet created, click "Create New Product Template". Once you create the Product Template, you will be redirected to this screen.

5. If a Product Template was selected in step 4, select the strain.

6. Enter the number of units to be packaged

As the Package Inventory window expands, continue entering the following fields:

7. Use the search bar or filters to locate the Bulk Inventory to use for the packaging

8. Enter the amount to use or check the box to the right of this field to allow GrowFlow to automatically calculate and enter the total amount of Bulk Inventory needed to fulfill the pre-packaged units

9. Confirm the total of cannabis selected

10. Select a Room to store the pre-packaged material in

  • Note: Selecting a Room may or may not be required in your jurisdiction

11. Click Preview Convert

12. Review the packaging details and click Confirm

  • Note: If any edits are needed, click Back To Convert

13. Once the package is created, you will be redirected to the Inventory Overview with a green message of success and to view the newly created pre-packaged inventory and the Parent Lot of Bulk Inventory from which they were packaged from.

You will be filling the shelves in no time!

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