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Wholesale: Product Categories

How to use, edit, and create custom Product Categories in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 09/04/2023

What are Categories?

Product Categories are a GrowFlow-specific feature that are used as a secondary product description to state-mandated traceability types. Categories are not reported to BioTrack, CCRS, or Metrc.

Why use Categories?

Categories help map traceability types with industry verbiage and facilitate what types of inventory can be converted or packaged into another type. Categories allow you to maintain detailed groupings of the many variations products can have that belong to the same traceability type for flexible inventory organization and meaningful reporting. Several areas in your account include Category as a filter for specialized views and streamlined workflows.

How to use Categories?

Categories are found via Admin > Products, in the Categories tab.

GrowFlow Default Categories

Every GrowFlow account comes equipped with a set of default Categories to help you hit the ground running with creating products, organizing inventory, and reporting. These are configured by state as they directly correlate with each state's traceability types. Default Categories are identified by a ✔️ in the GF Default column.

Custom Categories

Any amount of custom Categories can be created in your account to fit the definitions of the Products created at your facility.

1. Scroll through the list or use the search bar to locate an existing Category that belongs to the same traceability type as the custom category you wish to create

2. Click copy

3. Click edit on the newly created Category

4. Enter a unique name by which the custom Category can be identified

5. Check the box in the Primary column to select the custom Category by default each time a Product of the assigned traceability type is created

Note: When a Category is the Primary, you will still have the option to select a different category when creating Products.

6. Click save

7. Once the custom Category is saved, it can be found in your list of Categories and will be available to select when creating or editing products of that traceability type

Editing & Deleting Categories

GrowFlow default Categories cannot be edited or deleted. To modify a custom Category, click edit or del in the Options column. When editing a custom Category, click save to save the changes.


Add the dynamic field {{CategoryName}} on your labels in the V2 Label Editor if you wish to include the Category name of your products when labeling.

See these articles for more information on the V2 Label Editor:

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