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Wholesale: Add Vendor Notes and Internal Messages
Wholesale: Add Vendor Notes and Internal Messages

Adding Vendor, Order, and Inventory Notes for internal and external communication and printing Notes on pull sheets

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Updated 03/03/2023

Vendor Notes

1. To add a note to all pull sheets for a specific vendor, locate the vendor:

  • Click on the Vendors tab to locate the vendor of your choice, then click Edit

  • Or, within an order, click on the vendor's name to open their record, then click Edit in the vendor's details

2. Enter a note in the Notes field, then click Save

3. Vendor Notes can be quickly seen within an order designated for that vendor in the Notes tab

4. The Vendor Note is also available on order Pull Sheets designated for that vendor. Within the order, click Print/Share > Print Pull Sheet to view the PDF Pull Sheet and Vendor Note.

Internal Notes

Add internal notes for your internal team members who will be processing orders or payments.

1. From the Orders Overview, locate and select the order you wish to comment on, then click Details

2. In the Order Quick View, click Edit to enter a note in the Internal Note field, then click Save

3. Within the order, click Print/Share > Print Pull Sheet to view the PDF Pull Sheet and Internal Notes for your team


An order's tile will have a green information icon, viewable from the Orders Overview, to indicate a Vendor Note and/or an Internal Note is on the order, that way your team can easily identify orders with notes to check.

  • Hover over the icon to view the Internal Note

  • Click on the icon for a shortcut to the Order's Quick View Details

Inventory Notes

Add an Inventory Note, with special packaging instructions, etc. to any line item on the Pull Sheet.

1. Within an order, at any stage, click Edit on the line item you wish to add a Note to

2. Enter the message in the Notes column and click Save

3. Once all desired Notes are entered, click Print/Share > Print Pull Sheet. When you are prompted to select the page orientation, check the Optional Fields: Notes box.

4. Once you click Print, you will find the added Notes in the Notes column on the Pull Sheet PDF.

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