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WA Standalone: Overview of Changes After LeafData is Disconnected
WA Standalone: Overview of Changes After LeafData is Disconnected

You'll see these changes in your GrowFlow account after we disconnect from Leaf

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Updated 12/15/2021

We will disconnect your account from Leaf on the evening of Friday, December 17, 2021, sometime after 5:00 PM PST. After disconnecting, you will see some changes in GrowFlow pages and workflows. You'll see them:

  • When you next log in, or

  • Once you refresh

Area of Change

Description of Change

All new IDs

Any new ID will be in the format of "GF" + your 6-digit license number + 8-digit unique number starting with 00000001. Example: GF12345600000057


  • Ability to designate the harvest material as a "Manicure" in order to leave the plants in the flowering stage

  • No errors from Leaf about plants not having the same strain if they have the same strain in GrowFlow

Package Harvest Batch

  • Harvest batch details can be edited

    • Strain, Room, State (open or closed), Stage (wet or finished)

  • Undo Harvest button deletes any inventory and moves plants back into flowering stage

  • Harvest waste weight is included in the total "Harvested" weight

Inbound Orders

Inbound transfers will be one of 3 types and the importing workflow will differ:

  1. Inbound from a GrowFlow user - no change in workflow other than you might need to assign a product template for line items

  2. Inbound with a WCIA link - copy/paste the link and data will populate other than assigning your product or product template to each line item

  3. External with no link provided - select supplier and enter details for each line item

Entering lab results

Lab results can be entered 2 ways:

  1. Copy/past the WCIA link you received from the lab into the QA Results page to auto-upload lab results and COA

  2. If no link received - manually enter lab results and upload the COA

Orders>Select Delivery Options (Manifest)

  • Upon confirming delivery options, GrowFlow registers the manifest on the LCB's manifest site and applies the LCB Manifest ID

  • Use the purple "Print Manifest" button after the upload has completed (30-60 seconds while you do other work)

Orders>Print/Share>Email QA Certs

Retailers will likely need you to email the certificates (COAs) so they can verify test results and the tested parent lot IDs - send the COAs by using the "Email QA Certs" option from the Print/Share feature in the Order

Orders>Undo Transfer

  • If you want to edit the order's line items, edit the vendor, or delete the whole order, also select Edit>Void Manifest after selecting Edit>Undo Transfer

  • If you are only editing the delivery details, make the edits and then refresh, or print using the purple "Print Manifest" button

Orders>Close Order

  • If the vendor uses GrowFlow, your delivered orders will update and auto-close, or will alert you that some portion was rejected

  • If the vendor is not on GrowFlow:

    • The order will not auto-close

    • Use Edit>Close Order as long as there were no rejections upon delivery

    • If there were rejections, click the "View Possible Returns" button, enter the known rejected quantities, and import back into your inventory

Plant Destruction Reasons

Going forward, the list of reasons are:

  • Contamination

  • Male Plant

  • Mites

  • Plant Died

  • Too Little Water

  • Too Much Water

  • Other

Inventory Adjustment Reasons

Going forward, the list of reasons are:

  • Destruction

  • Lost

  • Moisture Loss

  • Reconciliation

  • Returned Lab Sample

  • Seizure

  • Theft

  • Other


Waste is tracked in "Waste" on your Grow and Inventory Overviews, and also the Dashboard>Changes reports under "Destruction" and "Disposals"

Dashboard and Reports

Better accuracy and loads faster!

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