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Wholesale: Invoicing with GrowFlow
Wholesale: Invoicing with GrowFlow

How to create an invoice, edit prices, and print or email to send to your buyers in GrowFlow Wholesale

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GrowFlow has many features that go above and beyond what is required for state traceability requirements. While traceability may be required, running an efficient and profitable business is just as important. One of these business additions is the ability to invoice your clients and track your sales within your account. 

In this article, we will go over how to create an invoice, how to edit prices, and how to send that invoice out for payment.

Note: California licensees are required to send an invoice in addition to a manifest. Please see your regulations for more information.

An invoice will be automatically created every time you create a new order. 

1. Within an order, click on the Invoice tab

2. GrowFlow includes the following details on Invoices

A. Order Number and Invoice Number

B. From and To licenses with addresses, license numbers, and contact information

Note: The To and From vendor's information on the invoice, such as name, license number, address, phone number, or email information needs to be updated by GrowFlow. Please reach out to chat support with the new information and we'll be happy to update that for you.

C. Order Date and Delivery Date

D. Each product on the order by line item with product, unit, and pricing details

E. Breakdown of Invoice totals:

  • Sub Total

  • Savings - Optional

  • Delivery: Click here to learn more about Delivery Fees

  • Credit: Click here to learn more about applying credits

  • Tax - Optional

  • Total

F. Signature lines for licensee representatives

G. Payment Method and Payment Terms

H. Option to enter any comments for the client

Invoice Pricing

The prices on your Invoice are automatically calculated based on the assigned prices set on products via Admin > Products.

See our how-to guide on the Product Creator for more details

If a price is not set or needs to be updated, in the order creation window, you can edit the price per item by clicking on the blue colored price button. This will update the price per item on the particular invoice, not the overall price.

Once the order is created, prices are editable from the Invoice tab at any time.

As seen above, you can also adjust the Total Invoice amount by applying Savings, Delivery Fees, Credits, and/or adding Taxes. 

Print or Email Invoice

Once you are satisfied with the total on your invoice, click on a column header to sort the Invoice by the column of your choice for your packaging team to refer to. Columns will be sorted alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order. Click once for descending, and click twice for ascending.

Then, click Print/Share > Print or Email Invoice to share the invoice with the chosen sorting pattern.


  • Column sorting applied on the Invoice is retained by the Pull Sheet in the interface, and when using Print/Share.

  • Column sorting applied on the Pull Sheet is retained by the Invoice in the interface, and when using Print/Share.

  • Column sorting applied on the Pull Sheet or Invoice is also retained by the Manifest.

    • The Pull Sheet or Invoice columns must be sorted to your choosing before generating the Manifest.

Tip! Add a Logo

Add your company logo to your invoices! The included logo will be located on printed and emailed invoices next to your license information.

1. Hover over your account name in the top right corner of your account and click Account Settings from the drop-down

2. Click Upload Logo

3. Drag and drop your logo file, or click Drop files here to upload to pull up and select from your files

4. Once the image is cropped as desired, click Crop to upload

For further invoice customizations, visit Custom Invoice Templates.

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