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Wholesale: How to Add Your Standard Fees to an Order
Wholesale: How to Add Your Standard Fees to an Order

If you want to specify a delivery or custom fee on your outbound wholesale order, check out this article!

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Updated 8/9/22

If you have a delivery fee for in-house deliveries, or a processing or other type of fee, GrowFlow provides you with a couple of options to easily add these to your invoices.

For steps on editing your invoice, see Wholesale: How to Edit the Invoice for an Order

Let's look at each fee option! ✨

Part I: Delivery Service Fees

You can enter delivery fees as their own line on your invoices. On the Invoice tab of your order, this option will appear as a separate line below the line items on the invoice:

Click on the blue number, enter the fee amount, then click the checkmark to save the fee:

  • Note: Delivery fees are passed to the Shipping line item in QBO if you are using our QBO integration. They are also added to the total invoice value in GrowFlow on the Orders > Sales History page.

Vendor-Specific Delivery Fees

A delivery fee can be defined for a specific Vendor. This will default as the Delivery Fee on each new order created for that vendor. This can be set on the Vendors page by clicking Edit on the vendor:

Under Default Delivery Fee, enter the value of the delivery fee to use by default for this vendor and click Save at the bottom to save the changes:

  • Note: If the Delivery Fee is updated on the Vendor after the order is created, or if the Vendor on the order is changed, be sure to double-check the Delivery Fee on the invoices as it may need to be updated to reflect the changes as well.

Part II: Custom Service Fees

Let's say you charge a processing fee for rolling pre-rolls and packaging the items for another processor. Instead of adding a "negative credit" to an invoice, you can track these custom fees by itemizing them on the invoice.

To make use of this feature, follow the steps below to create the "fee product" which GrowFlow calls Asset Each items. These are not real inventory items and they are not reported to the state, but they can be used to add custom fees to an invoice.

  • Note: This is different from the "Non-Cannabis" types of products you can make, which are for the purpose of tracking physical inventory of non-cannabis ingredients and packaging.

A. Create the "Asset Each" product

On the Admin>Products page, click the Product Creator button:

Fill in the required fields:

  1. Select Asset Each as the Type (if you would like a bulk type, select "Bulk" then Asset Weight as the type)

  2. Under Product Name, enter the name of your fee as it will appear on the invoice, for example "Processing Fee"

  3. Under Price, enter the fee amount

  4. Click Create Product

B. Import a quantity of the fee increment

Next, we need to stock up on this "fee product" so that we can add them to our order.

On the Inventory>Overview, go to Other>Import Inventory (or "Import Packages"):

In the Import Inventory window, enter the following:

  1. Under Inventory Type, select Asset Each.

    • Note: "External ID" does not apply to fees and can be left blank.

  2. Under Product, select the Asset Each product name

  3. Under Quantity, enter a quantity you'd like to start with (you can adjust this up at any time on the inventory page)

  4. Under Room, select a room to hold the fees

  5. Click Confirm!

Now we have our fees available for use on an order shown on the inventory page:

C. Add fees to an order

Now we can add the fee to an order, just like we would add regular inventory. Start by either creating a new order or add to an existing order:

Follow these steps to add the fee to the order:

  1. Filter by Type "Asset Each" or use the search bar to search by ID

  2. In the box under Qty, enter the number of each fee to add to the order

  3. Click Preview Order to continue and Confirm Order in the next window

Now your Invoice (and Pull Sheet) will show the delivery fee as itemized clearly for your buyer and your bookkeeper. Use Print/Share to print or email off your invoice!

✨That's it! We hope this helps you track your service fees!

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