Updated 8/1/22

Here's how to edit an invoice to change prices, add tax, add comments, and payment terms!

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Editing an Invoice

Open the order from the Sales History or Overview page by clicking on the order number:

Go to the Invoice tab. The editable fields are described below:

A. Click Invoice Note to add a note to the line item that will appear on the invoice

B. Click the edit button next to $/g to edit the price per gram for all items on the order

C. Click the blue underlined values to edit the price per gram, price per unit, or total

line item price for the line item

D. Click the blue value for Tax to enter a tax value to the invoice

E. Click the red text next to Payment Terms to add terms

F. Click the box below Comments to add a comment to the invoice

Your invoice is ready to send! 💰✨

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