Updated 8/1/2022

To apply a discount, from the Orders Overview or Sales History, open the Order Details by clicking on an order or order number and clicking on the "Invoice" tab. There are two options for creating a discount:

Option A: Applied on a per-item basis

Option B: Applied to the order in full

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Option A - Per Item:

1. To set a discount on a line item, click the edit icon in the Total column.

2. Apply the discount:

  • You apply the discount by selecting a percentage, or manually entering it.  Entering the Original Unit Price, Sale Price, or Discount will update all numbers accordingly for you before you hit "Confirm".

Option B - Entire Order:

1. To apply a discount on the entire order, click the edit icon next to the total on the "Savings" row. For example, applying 10% to all items.

2. Apply the discount:

  • You can quickly select a percentage or manually enter the New Total, Discount Total, or Discount Percentage. Any route will update each field accordingly before confirming the order's discount.

After applying the discount, your Invoice tab and printed Invoice will display the discounts in red in the Unit Price, Total, and Savings fields.

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