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Wholesale: Custom Invoice Templates
Wholesale: Custom Invoice Templates

Learn how to customize your GrowFlow invoices with Invoice Templates!

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Updated as of 03/27/2023

Your GrowFlow account comes equipped with a default invoice so that you can send orders out the door as soon as possible. Follow along with this article to learn how to use a template to further customize your invoices!

Note: The customizations made using an Invoice Template will display on the preview and printout, but will not affect the Invoice tab of the order unless otherwise noted.

1. Head over to Admin > Labels/Templates

2. Select the Invoice Templates tab and click +Add

3. Once you've clicked +Add, a template will populate:

A. Invoice Template Settings

  • Name: Name the Invoice Template.

  • Page Size: Assign paper settings for the size and orientation you will use.

  • Logo: The logo uploaded via Account Settings > Manage Account will display on your invoice if Logo is checked.

  • Primary: Mark your preferred template as the primary template for default printing/sharing.

    • If more than one invoice template exists, GrowFlow will generate and print using the first template above the "GrowFlow Default Invoice Template" if one is not marked as Primary.

  • Cell Spacing: Value of the margins affecting the space around and between each line item on the invoice.

  • Save/Cancel: Save or Cancel the edits made to the template.

B. Margin:

  • Adjust the margins from the left, right, bottom, or top edges of the page.

C. Standard Text:

  • Standard Text will be displayed below the contents of the invoice.

  • Footer Text will be displayed at the central foot of the invoice.

  • Header Text will be displayed at the central head of the invoice.

D. Column Options: Check the options below to include this information in the columns of each line item.

  • Show PricePerGram: Adds the $/g column to display the price per gram.

  • Show To Id: Adds the ID# column to display the current ID of the item being sent on the order.

  • Show From Id: Adds the Parent ID# column to display the Parent ID.

  • Show Product Brand: Includes the assigned Brand in the Product column.

    • Show Product Name must also be selected to display.

  • Show Product Category: Includes the assigned Category in the Product column.

    • Show Product Name must also be selected to display.

  • Show Type: Adds the Type column to show the Traceability Type.

  • Show Package Weight: Adds the Pkg Wgt. column to display the unit size for packaged products. This column remains blank for bulk products.

  • Show Product Name: Adds the Product column to display the product name.

    • This must be selected to also display the Brand and Category.

  • Show Strain Name: Adds the Strain column to display the assigned strain.

  • Show Size: Whether selected or not, package size will always show on the invoice if it applies

  • Show Batch: Adds the Batch column to display the Production Batch Name, and displays it on the Invoice tab.

Available in Oklahoma only!

  • If Production Batch Name is not defined, the Batch column displays the Harvest Batch Name or will be left blank if neither is defined.

Available in Oklahoma + Washington only!

  • Show QA Parent Lot: Adds the QA Parent Lot column to display the QA Parent Lot ID, otherwise known as Source Package in METRC.

    • Note: Only in Oklahoma will the QA Parent Lot display on the Invoice tab.

  • Show Sixteen Digit IDs: Opt to show the full ID, rather than the last-4 digits.

  • Show Payment Options: This box must be checked in order to display the following payment methods:

    • Check

    • Cash

    • Card

    • Bank

  • Show Comments: Display a section for handwritten comments.

  • Show Border: Displays borders around each column and line item.

  • Color: Choose from the color picker or enter a hex to display the background color for the column headers.

  • Sort By ID: Sort each line item numerically.

E. QA Options: If any, select which QA Results you would like to display.

  • THC

  • THCA

  • Total THC

  • CBD

  • CBDA

  • Total CBD

  • QA Total

  • TotalOptional: Total Cannabinoids

Add Logo

Additionally, add your company logo to your invoices! The included logo will be located on printed and emailed invoices next to your license information.

1. Hover over your account name in the top right corner of your account and click Account Settings from the drop-down

2. Click Upload Logo

3. Drag and drop your logo file, or click Drop files here to upload to pull up and select from your files

4. Once the image is cropped as desired, click Crop to upload

Looking good! Don't forget to click Save.

You're all set to keep on Invoicing with GrowFlow!

Please Note: The To and From vendor's information on the invoice, such as name, license number, address, phone number, or email information needs to be updated by GrowFlow. Please reach out to chat support with the new information and we'll be happy to update that for you.

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