Updated 05/02/2022

GrowFlow COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) covers the following main components:

  • Cannabis Inventory: You can apply costs to your cannabis inventory to factor into the total cost of conversions / packaging

  • Non-Cannabis Inventory: Your packaging and other non-cannabis inputs for your products, defined as separate Products and Inventory

  • Recipes: The unique combinations of non-cannabis inventory that are selected as conversion inputs alongside your existing cannabis inventory

The following information outlines the recommended setup steps. You may choose to input data for all of your operations or select 1-2 products for which to carry out the below steps.

Use this Complete Guide to follow along with the steps and articles listed below. Enjoy!

Step 1: Costing Cannabis Inventory

Step 2: Create Non-Cannabis Inventory

Step 3: Creating Production Recipes

Step 4: Using Recipes when Converting/Packaging Inventory

Step 5: Reporting on Inventory Costs and Cost Impacts

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