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COGS: Costing Plants, Harvests, & Inventory in Metrc States
COGS: Costing Plants, Harvests, & Inventory in Metrc States

Allocating plant and cultivation costs in Metrc-connected GrowFlow Wholesale accounts, & propagating those costs to harvests and inventory

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Welcome to the first step of the Complete Guide to setting up COGS as a Metrc-connected wholesaler! In this article, we'll outline the processes of allocating costs to plants in the Veg & Flowering stages across all accounts within your current organization, as well as look into how plant costs propagate when harvested and packaged from harvest.

This article assumes you are already familiar with current cultivation workflows in GrowFlow; only the details impacted by cost tracking will be highlighted here.

Notes: Cultivation COGS is only available for Metrc states at this time. COGS functionalities are tools offered by GrowFlow and do not report to Metrc.

  • If you are located in a Metrc State and do not see the Cultivation COGS features in your account, please reach out to chat support to request this feature.

  • If you are not located in a Metrc state, please visit COGS: Costing Cannabis Inventory to learn more about costing a harvest and to begin setting up COGS in your account.

Cost Categories

Before we can begin allocating plant costs, you must set up your Cost Categories. Cost Categories will help you define the types of costs that can be applied to plants.

1. Head to Admin > Cost Categories

2. Click +New Cost Category

3. Assign the Cost Category an applicable name

Example Cost Names: "Labor", "Nutrients", "Non-Cannabis Materials", etc.

4. Optional: The Cost Code field allows you the opportunity to enter a code that may correspond to another code or ID from any external accounting systems

5. Select a Cost Type from the drop-down

6. Click Save

7. Repeat steps 2-7 to continue setting up as many Cost Categories as you would like

Note: Once created, Cost Categories can be edited or deleted at any time by clicking Edit or Delete on the applicable line item.

Allocate Plant Costs

Associating costs with your plants in cultivation is integral to tracking overall production costs. Costs can be allocated for plants within your current organization as long as they are in the Veg or Flowering stages. Plant costs will then be propagated to their corresponding harvests, so be sure to allocate plant costs before harvesting.

1. Head to the Grow > All Plants in Org view

Note: It is not necessary to have your All Plants in Org view set up to allocate plant costs, however, if you would like to learn more about this view visit Wholesale: View All Plants in Your Organization.

2. Click $ Allocate Costs

3. In the Allocate Cost window, use Filters to select one or more Plants to allocate costs. All filters are optional, but at least one will need to be selected to populate a list of plants to select from.

Note for California users: Costs can only be applied to Flowering plants in CA, as Vegging plants are considered Plant Batches.

A. Block: Filter by Blocks by selecting a Block to which the plants belong. This is only applicable if you have created Blocks to use in the All Plants from Org view.

B. Room: Filter by Room by selecting a Plant Room within your organization to which the plants are currently assigned to

C. License: Filter by license number by selecting a license number within your organization with which the plants are currently associated

D. Strain: Filter by strain by selecting the strain name of the plants

E. Plant Search: Use the search bar to search for individual plant tags

4. Click Apply Filters to run the search

Tip: Click Clear Filter to clear all filters previously set

5. Once the search has run, you will see the number of plants the search has found according to the filters previously set. Confirm this number is correct before allocating costs.

6. Click ➕ to expand the costing fields

7. Required: Select an applicable Cost Category

8. Required: Enter the cost amount to be evenly distributed to the number of plants selected

Example: Entering a cost amount of 1000 after the search finds 100 plants would evenly distribute a $10 cost per plant.

9. Optional: Assign the staff member who is performing this allocation

10. Optional: Enter a description of the assigned cost

12. Finish by clicking Allocate Costs

Note: Click Remove Allocation to remove the current cost from being allocated

Note: There is no maximum as to how many costs you can allocate to any one plant. Repeat the steps above to allocate additional costs. That said, once a plant cost is applied, it cannot be modified or undone.

Plant costs will then be visible via Grow > Plants in the Cost column. Click Export to download or print the list of Plants, including their costs.

Plant costs are also visible in the Plant Details window by clicking on an individual Plant ID.

Harvest Costing

On the Grow Overview, click on a group of Vegging or Flowering plants to view an individual plant's cost in the Cost column.

During harvest, each selected plant's cost will be included in the Estimated Cost of the harvest. If plants are added to an existing harvest, the cost of those plants will be included in the final cost of the harvest.

Note: Individual plant costs are not shown in the Harvest window but can be viewed by clicking the tag ID of an individual plant to view its details.

Partial Harvest Costing

When manicuring plants, the Estimated Cost of the harvest will not be calculated as the wet weights are entered. However, the current cost of the harvest will still be calculated to include the cost of the manicured plant and applied to the Package Harvest Batch window's Cost once the manicured weights are entered.

As the manicured plants are included in additional harvests, the cost of those plants will be re-proportioned across each harvest they are included in, as well as any packages already created from an associated harvest.

When a plant has finished its harvesting process, the final cost will be stored as the Harvest Cost in the Package Harvest Batch windows, for all associated harvests.

Cannabis Inventory Costing

While packaging dry weights from harvests, the final cost of the harvest will be distributed throughout the inventory packages.

The costs of each package are not shown in the Inventories tab of the Package Harvest Batch window but can be viewed by clicking on the individual tag IDs to view their Inventory Details.

We also suggest adding the Cost column to the Inventory Overview. In doing so, you can easily view the cost of any package, as well as export this information. To include the Cost column, on the Inventory Overview:

1. Click the downward caret on the right-hand side

2. Check the Cost box

3. Click Apply

The cost of the source harvest packages will then be evenly distributed as any children packages are created or sub-lotted.

Head to Create Non-Cannabis Inventory to continue setting up COGS in GrowFlow

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