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COGS: Create Non-Cannabis Inventory
COGS: Create Non-Cannabis Inventory

Use this process to create your Non-Cannabis Products and import them as in-stock Non-Cannabis Inventory in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 05/02/2022

Non-cannabis inventory includes any physical inventory required to create your products, whether ingredients or packaging. They can be set up much the same way as cannabis inventory.

Define your Non-Cannabis Products

1. Head to Admin > Products > Product Catalog

2. Select +Product Creator

In the Product Creator:

3. Select a Non-Cannabis Traceability Type by searching "non-cannabis":

  • Non-Cannabis (each): single-use inventory, e.g. packaging supplies

  • Non-Cannabis (volume): bulk liquid inventory

  • Non-Cannabis (weight): bulk solid inventory

4. Complete the Product details as needed:

  • Key details include:

    • Category

    • Product Name

    • Unit

5. Finish creating the non-cannabis product by clicking Create Product

6. Repeat for each additional product you'd like to create in your account!

Set up your Non-Cannabis Inventory

1. Head to your Inventory Overview

2. Select Other > Import Inventory

3. Inventory Type: Select the Non-Cannabis category whose inventory you are receiving

4. Product: Search to select the appropriate Product you previously set up

  • Optional - External ID: GrowFlow will create an ID for the item regardless, but some items have IDs you may want to track internally by entering the external ID

5. Quantity: Enter the incoming quantity

6. Optional - Supplier SKU: Enter the SKU

7. Total Cost: Enter the total cost of the total quantity you entered; the Cost per Unit will calculate automatically based on this entry

8. Optional - Room: Designate the room where this inventory will be stored

  • If not designated, the inventory will be automatically placed in Bulk Inventory

9. Click Confirm to complete the Inventory Import

10. Repeat for all inventory you'd like to import!

  • Pro-Tip! Be sure to select the Available column as viewable on your Inventory Overview to quickly see the current quantity on hand for each item. To do this, click the caret to the right of the Actions Area on the Inventory Overview, check Available, then click Apply.

Great Work!
Head to Creating Production Recipes to continue setting up COGS in GrowFlow

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