Updated 4/27/2022

You might have a practice of charging a delivery fee in increments of $50 for every X number of miles outside a certain delivery radius. Or, you might charge $100 for every 1000 joints you roll and package for another processor. You have the option of just adding a negative credit amount on the invoice, but we think it might be easier for you to track fees charged by itemizing them on the invoice. You can add these fees to an order by creating a product that represents the fee increment, and then importing whatever quantity you want to have "on hand" of those charges. After they are showing in your inventory, you can add them to any order you want in any quantity of the fee increment. They do not represent physical inventory.

To make use of this feature, you'll want to follow the steps below to create the fee "product" using our made-up Traceability Type called "Asset Each". It's not a real traceability type and is not reported to the state, but allows you to add fees to orders.

Note: This is different from the "Non-Cannabis" types of products you can make, which are for the purpose of tracking physical inventory of non-cannabis ingredients and packaging.

A. Create "Asset Each" product

  1. Go to Admin>Products

  2. Click the "Product Creator" button

  3. Enter the following:

    1. Select "Asset Each" as the Type

    2. Enter the name of your fee - we're using a delivery fee for the example and images

    3. Enter the amount of the fee increment

    4. Click the "Create Product" button

B. Import a quantity of the fee increment

  1. Go to the Inventory Overview page

  2. Click the "Other" button

  3. Select "Import Packages" (your account might show it as "Import Inventory")

  4. In the "Import Inventory" window, enter the following:

    1. Select the Type "Asset Each"

    2. Select the fee product

    3. Enter a quantity you'd like to start with (you can adjust this up at any time like any other inventory item)

    4. Select a room

    5. Click "Confirm"

  5. In this example, we now have 200 "units" of the $50 delivery fee available:

C. Add fees to an order

  1. When adding items to an order, add the quantity of fee units just as you would any cannabis product:

    1. Filter by Type "Asset Each"

    2. Enter the number of fee increments you want - in this example we are adding a quantity of "2" in order to create a fee total of $100

    3. Preview and confirm the order as you normally would

  2. Your Invoice (and Pull Sheet) will show the delivery fee so it's easily itemized for the buyer and your bookkeeper:

That's it! We hope this helps you track fees for service!

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