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COGS: Creating Production Recipes
COGS: Creating Production Recipes

Use this process to set up your Non-Cannabis Recipes and associate them with Products in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 05/02/2022

Recipes define all of the non-cannabis inputs required to create your products, including ingredients and/or packaging. Once defined, they can be associated with one or more products and can be used when converting in GrowFlow.

  • Define the recipe based on a single unit to be created

    • For example, 1g of bulk product or 1 packaged unit

  • Note: This article assumes you have already created your Non-Cannabis Products and Inventory. If you haven't already, head to Create Non-Cannabis Inventory to learn more before continuing the below processes.

Create Recipes

1. Go to Admin > Products

2. Select the Recipes tab and click +Add

Creating your new recipe:

3. Name the Recipe

4. Assign a Unit of Measure

  • For informational use only and is based on the cannabis product that the ingredients will be used to create

    • For Example: For packaged solid items, the unit of measure could be each; for bulk liquid, it could be ml

5. Click Save!

  • Note: Once saved, the recipe table will sort alphanumerically

6. Now that the recipe is created, we can add the Ingredients by clicking +Add Recipe Ingredients.

7. Select an Ingredient to add from the drop-down list. This list is populated by previously created Non-Cannabis Products.

8. Enter the QTY. As previously stated, this should correspond to a single unit to be created.

9. Click Save!

10. Repeat - Add any additional ingredients to complete the recipe

  • Note: The Unit of Measure will auto-populate after the Ingredient is saved, defaulting from the Non-Cannabis Ingredient

  • Note: The Cost will default as the per-unit cost of the oldest inventory on hand for that non-cannabis ingredient

Associating Recipes with Cannabis Products

To associate Recipes with existing Products:

1. Head to Admin > Products > Product Catalog
2. Locate and select the product you'd like to associate with a recipe, then click Edit

3. Assign the Default Recipe for this product by selecting it from the drop-down under the Set Default Recipe field

4. Finish by clicking Modify

To associate Recipes when creating new Products:

1. Head to Admin > Products > Product Catalog

2. Click +Product Creator

3. As part of filling in the necessary fields for the product, select the Recipe from the Default Recipe drop-down.

4. When you're ready, click Create Product

Repeat the above processes for each recipe/product combination you want to define.

  • Note: Recipes can be used across multiple Products, so long as the quantities represented in the recipe correspond to a single unit of production for each associated product. This is because when the product is created through the Package/Convert tool, the recipe quantities will be multiplied by the quantity of the product you are creating.

    • For Example: If you use the same size cone for .75g and 1g joints, then both products could share the same recipe calling for 1 cone per unit of production. Whereas, a 5-pack of those joints would require a separate recipe with a default quantity of 5 cones per unit of production.

Great work!

Head to Using Recipes when Converting/Packaging Inventory to continue setting up COGS in GrowFlow.

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