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COGS: Using Recipes when Converting/Packaging Inventory
COGS: Using Recipes when Converting/Packaging Inventory

How non-cannabis recipes tie into product converting Inventory and viewing the Estimated Cost on Inventory Details in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 05/02/2022

Recipes define all of the non-cannabis inputs required to create your products. When a default recipe is set for a product, the Ingredients and their cost will be incorporated into the converting/packaging process. This article assumes you are familiar with the standard Convert/Package process; only those aspects impacted by Recipes will be highlighted here.

  • Note: This article assumes you have already created Recipes. If you have not already, head to Creating Production Recipes to learn more before continuing with the below processes.

Convert/Package Inventory

1. On the Inventory Overview, depending on your jurisdiction, you might know this tool as Convert

Or Package

2. In this tool, once you fill out the necessary fields following your normal workflows, you'll see the new Recipe field. The recipe will default to the Recipe you previously associated with the product you are creating. If you did not create a recipe association, you can select a recipe from the dropdown list. If no recipe is applicable, select nothing and skip the field.

  • Press x to clear the field if you do not want the associated Recipe assigned with the conversion

  • If you want to view or edit the recipe, click the Edit Recipe option

  • Option to Edit the Ingredients - Select this to modify the recipe as follows:

    • A. Add Ingredients to the Recipe

    • B. Edit Ingredients

      • For example, you might enter a lower quantity of an ingredient because you don't intend to use your more expensive outer packaging on the units that are sent for lab testing.

    • C. Permanently delete Ingredients

    • D. Update Recipe: Save changes to the recipe moving forward

    • E. Apply Changes Once: Save changes for this production run only

3. Preview the Convert/Package

  • From this screen, it will show you all inventory to be included in the conversion/package

    • A. Cannabis Inventory: As selected from the previous screen

    • B. Non-Cannabis Inventory: This is automatically selected from the oldest available inventory

4. To finish the Convert/Package process, click Confirm

Inventory Cost

Once your new Inventory is created, you'll return to the Inventory Overview with the new ID and the Parent ID listed. From here, you can quickly view the Estimated Cost of the newly converted product in the Cost column.

1. Click on the Inventory ID to view its cost.

Highlights include:

A. Estimated Cost: Current cost of remaining inventory

B. Quantity Details: Current, reserved, and starting quantities

C. Parent Inventory: The Parent Inventory in the Related Inventory tab will also include any Non-Cannabis Inventory used in its production

D. Event Log: Highlights the history of cost allocations and inventory deductions

Great work!

Head to Reporting on Inventory Costs and Cost Impacts to continue learning about COGS in GrowFlow.

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