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Wholesale: View All Plants in Your Organization
Wholesale: View All Plants in Your Organization

See all your plants in a Block of rooms, their age, and how many days are left until a strain's harvest time

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Updated 08/17/2022

The All Plants in Org views are intended for entities with multiple license accounts in GrowFlow. They give you an overview of your Grow operations across all accounts to help you prepare for harvests and advise your sales staff on how soon additional products will be available. The views are available from any one account associated with the organization. Any user with Admin and/or Grow permissions will be able to see the data across the accounts they have been given access to within your organization.

Before we can take a look at the All Plants in Org Views, let’s take a couple of steps to set them up!

Part 1: Creating Blocks

Plant rooms may be grouped into a Block in order to indicate all rooms with a particular purpose in your cultivation schedule. Blocks can be defined in one account, then will be available for selection across your entity's other accounts.

1. Head to Admin > Block

2. To create a new Block, click +New Block. A new line item will appear. Once a Block Name is entered, click Save.

  • Repeat this step until all of your Blocks are created.

  • Note: Blocks can be edited or deleted at any time. Any changes made to a Block will reflect across all grow licenses in the business entity. When deleting a Block, you will be prompted with a confirmation message. Once Delete Everywhere is clicked, the Block will be removed from any associated Rooms, but it will not delete the associated Rooms or their data.

Part 2: Assigning Plant Rooms to Blocks

Grouping Plant Rooms into Blocks can help you to view all plants in their particular stage in the cultivation schedule. Blocks can be associated with one or more Rooms throughout your organization.

  • Note: You need to go into each GrowFlow account to assign a Block to the Rooms you want in that Block

  • Note: Rooms are not required to be assigned to a Block

1. Head to Admin > Room

2. In the Plants tab:

A. Click edit on a Plant Room’s line item

B. Click on the drop-down in the Block column and select the preferred Block

C. Click save

  • Note: If any Plant Rooms need to be created during this step, click +New Plant room.

Part 3: Days to Harvest by Strain

Entering the Days to Harvest on a Strain allows you to see plants grouped by the remaining days to harvest time. This will help you plan ahead by seeing how many plants you can expect to harvest over the coming days, weeks, or months. In turn, this can help you to prepare your resources, such as labor, facilities, etc., as well as prepare your sales teams for the types of products they can start selling in advance.

Indicate the Days to Harvest directly on the Strain.

1. Head to Admin > Strain

2. Locate the Strain and click edit on the line item

3. Enter the number of days this Strain takes to harvest from the plant’s birthdate in the DTH column, then click save.

Part 4: All Plants in Org View

You can view plants in three different views:

Let’s get started by heading to Grow > All Plants in Org.

  • Note: You will see data across all accounts regardless of the current account you’re accessing it from.

Filtering Views

From any view, you can filter by License, Strain, and/or Room or use the keyword search bar.

When filters are selected, the option to Apply Filters or Clear Filters will appear. You must click Apply Filters to run a new search.

Access one of three views by clicking on the right-hand icons.

Block View

The Block view offers a breakout of plants by strain in each room assigned to a given Block. This is based on how you’ve set them up in Parts 1 & 2 of this article. Blocks are organized alphabetically, with each Block in its own row. All plants in rooms that are not associated with a Block are grouped together in the No Block section

  • Example: Your Mother rooms might not be in any Block.

A. The Block view is the default view upon opening All Plants in Org, or click on the Block View icon if you are coming from a different view.

B. Click on the arrow to expand a Block and view all associated Rooms. Each Room will display:

  • The Room name and the total of plants within the Room

  • The license number associated with the Room.

    • Click Select Account to navigate to the Grow Page of the associated license.

  • Each strain found in the Room and the total of plants per strain

C. Click on the arrow again to close an expanded Block view.

Week View

The Week view offers a breakout of plants by their age in weeks, based on the birth date of the plant. Weeks are organized from Week 0 and on; only weeks with active plants are shown.

  • Example: A plant that is 2 days old will be held in Week 0, whereas a plant that is 8 days old will be held in Week 1.

Click the arrow to expand a Week view and view all associated Rooms. The Rooms per Week view will display the same details as the Block view.

Days to Harvest (DTH) View

The DTH view will use the birth date of the plant, along with the days to harvest assigned to the strains in Part 3 of this article, as an indication of how far off the plant is from harvest. Days to harvest are grouped into 7-day periods. Less than 7 days, 8-14 days, 15-21 days, etc.

  • Example: A plant with a birthday of July 1, whose strain takes 30 days to harvest is then expected to be ready for harvest on July 31. This means that on July 1, it will appear under the 29-35 DTH range, while on July 28 it will appear under the “Less than 7” range.

Click on an arrow to view all plants with the same expected days to harvest. Each Room will display the same details as the Block view. Plants of strains without a DTH setting will be grouped together in an Unknown DTH range.

You’re ready to view all of your plants within your organization and prepare for your harvests to come!

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