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Wholesale Central Distribution: Retail-Readiness

Defining SKU, UPC, and Retail Price & adding these fields to Products and Labels in GrowFlow Wholesale for vertically integrated operations

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Updated 08/04/2022

With this feature enabled in your account, GrowFlow allows you to store additional product details, such as various product identifiers and Retail Prices, to get them retail-ready for your buyers. This feature might also be useful if you are a wholesaler, vertically integrated with a Retailer, and you’d like your Products to be ready to hit the shelf.

What are Product Identifiers?

A Product Identifier is intended for business purposes. Its intention is to identify products, whether between your own licenses or for your buyers.

Product Identifiers are defined using one of the following:

1. SKU or Stock Keeping Unit: This identifier can be any custom and preferred format

2. UPC or Universal Product Code: This identifier must follow either the 8-character UPC-E or 12-character UPC-A-format

  • Note: See Barcode-US as our recommended resource for more information on UPCs.

What is Retail Price?

When providing retail-ready packaging to a store, this is the retail price at which you anticipate the product being sold to consumers. As a wholesaler, this is primarily used for defining the Retail Price when pre-printing Retail Labels, eliminating the need for the Retailer to reprint during their intake!

  • Note: SKU, UPC, and Retail Price values are not reported to state-mandated traceability, but for licensees in Washington, if a SKU is applied, it can be passed on transfers via WCIA links.

Adding SKU, UPC, & Retail Price to Products

Product Identifiers and Retail Prices are not available for Product Templates and are to be used with existing Products in your Product Catalog. To get started, head over to Admin > Products > Product Catalog.

A. Locate and Select the intended Product

B. Click Edit

With this feature enabled in your account, in the Product Editor, you will see the following fields available:


D. UPC: Upon entering a UPC, GrowFlow will perform a validation check in the background to ensure the UPC format is valid. GrowFlow will not validate whether the UPC has been officially registered.

  • Note: All SKUs and UPCs must be unique for each product within your account. When SKU and/or UPC are defined on a Product, this value will be visible on all inventory associated with that product, although it will not be editable on the Inventory Overview.

E. Retail Price: This should be entered as a number that rounds to two decimal places.

Once you have entered the desired fields, click Modify to save your changes!

Adding SKU, UPC, and Retail Price to Labels

Once a Product Identifier or Retail Price is defined on a Product that is assigned to your Inventory, you can populate this information on your labels via text fields using Dynamic Fields. SKU and UPC can also be displayed by barcode or QR code for scanning during the retailer’s package intake or at the register.

Dynamic Fields to use:

  • SKU: {{ProductSku}}

  • UPC: {{ProductUpc}}

  • Retail Price: {{RetailMsrp}}

Adding SKU or UPC as a Barcode or QR Code:

In the Label Editor:

A. Select the Barcode or QR Code on the canvas

B. In the right-hand panel, scroll down until you see the Field(Text) drop-down and select either ProductSku or ProductUpc, depending on which you’d like to display.

Don’t forget to click Save!

To enable this feature in your GrowFlow Wholesale account, reach out to us in chat and we'll be happy to help!

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