Metrc: How to Sync

A walkthrough on sync categories, how to run syncs, sync errors, and nightly auto-syncs in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 3/02/2023

Running a sync is a way of manually bringing in data from Metrc that has not yet populated in GrowFlow. When performing actions directly in Metrc, this is a way to quickly sync those updates to your GrowFlow account. You can locate the available Sync options via Admin > Sync. Let's take a look at what is available!

Note: Running a sync brings Metrc data into GrowFlow and does not bring GrowFlow data into Metrc.

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Run All Standard Syncs

If you are seeing several differences between what is shown in GrowFlow vs. what is shown in Metrc, it may be a good option to run all standard syncs. By clicking Run All Standard Syncs, a sync will be run for all sync options on the left-hand side of the page to pull in any changes GrowFlow can find in your Metrc data.


  • Running all standard syncs does not perform any syncs for the right-hand options. The right-hand options will need to be selected individually to run a sync on those categories.

  • Any sync category can be run individually by clicking on the category's tile.

When the syncs have been completed successfully, they will appear in green with record counts of what has been changed. Do not leave or refresh your page until completed as running all standard syncs can take some time.

Inventory, Plants, & Harvests

If you are missing changes or updates made to your Inventory, Plants or Harvests try running one of the following syncs by individually clicking on their categories.

1. Plant Batches Sync: Updates Clones and Seeds. In California, this will also update Vegging Plants

2. Plant Sync: Updates Vegging and Flowering Plants. In California, this will not include Vegging plants

3. Harvests: Updates open and closed harvests

4. Inventory: Updates active and inactive inventory

Outbound Transfers

Click on the Inventory Transfer Sync category if you are seeing differences in inventory regarding an outbound transfer.

Inbound Transfers

Click on the Inventory Transfer Inbound Sync category if you are missing inventory or returned items in GrowFlow that were previously accepted in Metrc.

Metrc Tags

Click the Clean Used Metrc Tags category if you are seeing differences between used and available tags. For example, if you see a used tag as your next available tag to use running this sync will help!

Note: Metrc does not allow third-party integrators to sync in new tags. If you have accepted new tags please see Import Metrc Tags to import new tags into GrowFlow.

Lab Results

Testing in Progress

If your packages in Metrc are showing as TestPassed but the status is still TestingInProgress or SubmittedForTesting in GrowFlow, click on the QA Results category to sync in the passing results.


If your packages in Metrc are showing as TestPassed, and you are only seeing Success as the status in GrowFlow without the green Pass sign, click on the QA Results category and the Inventory Sync category to sync in the full panel results for labeling.

Sync Errors

When running syncs, the backend is sorting through all of your data in Metrc to decipher any differences we may need to pull in. Because of this, running syncs can often take a long time. Do not leave or refresh your page while syncing.

An Error Occurred with our Service

If a category has been highlighted in red and/or you received an error message that states "An error occurred with our service" this is usually caused by a browser timeout due to the length of time your browser remained still while running a sync yet the sync may have still been successful in the background.

1. Refresh your page

2. Scroll down to Sync History

3. Check the log to see if the sync was successful

  • If the sync was successful it will be listed here. You can tell by the Type and Date columns.

  • If the sync was not successful, it will be listed here with a message in the Error column or it will not be listed at all.

4. If the sync was not successful, select the applicable sync categories once more to try again.

License Does Not Have Permission

If you are receiving an error message that states "License does not have permission", this indicates that you are not currently connected to Metrc and you will need to reinsert your Metrc API key into GrowFlow. See How to Find and Use Your Metrc API Key for further instructions. Once you've reconnected your GrowFlow account to Metrc, you can return to Admin > Syncs to run the applicable syncs.

Nightly Auto-Sync

With this setting enabled, GrowFlow will automatically run a sync each night to reconcile any changed Metrc data into your GrowFlow account. If you would like to opt-in to nightly auto-syncs, scroll down to Auto-Sync below the sync categories, then:

1. Check the Nightly Metrc synchronization box

2. Click Update Synchronization to apply the setting

If you are still finding discrepancies in your GrowFlow data after running a sync, reach out to us in chat to request a deep sync with the details of what appears to be missing!

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