Updated 7/19/22

The Sync feature is a way of manually bringing in data from Metrc that has not already appeared in your GrowFlow account. When making changes in Metrc, this is a way to quickly sync those updates to your account. Syncs can also be used to clean up any used Metrc tags and reflect the correct available tag next in line. Let's take a look at where we can find the Sync button:

Scenario 1: You are missing inventory in GrowFlow that you show in Metrc (Typically from an Inbound order). Or you have made changes directly in Metrc that need to sync to GrowFlow

Step 1: To find the Sync page, navigate to Admin > Sync

Step 2: Click "Run All Standard Syncs"

Once the Sync for each category is complete, it will highlight green and read "Success".

*NOTE: If you see a generic error occur on the category, such as “An error occurred with our service”, this is usually caused by a Browser Timeout, and you can refresh your page and try the category again, by clicking on the box which failed, as shown here:

Scenario 2: You have a package in Metrc that has a testing status of "TestPassed", but GrowFlow is not showing the passed results.

Step 1: Go ahead and click "Run All Standard Syncs" again.

Step 2: Once that sync has completed, click on "QA Results" which will be on the right-hand side here:

Once that is complete, it will highlight green like the other categories, if any packages are updated, it will show you the amount next to "Updated:"

Scenario 3: Your next Available tag is showing a Package Tag that has already been used, and you need to clean up your used Metrc tags.

Click on "Used Metrc Tags", which is also on the right-hand side:

Then once that is finished, it will also show you how many records were updated.

Your account is now updated and synced with Metrc, nicely done! Please feel free to reach out to Customer Support if you have any questions or issues using this feature.

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