Updated 8/10/22

By default, when the full remaining quantity of a package is packed on an outbound order, GrowFlow will keep the same Metrc tag applied. If you want to force a new tag to be used because the old ones are often not in good condition, you can set a new default behavior in orders.

To do this, hover on your company name in the upper right corner and go to Account Settings:

On the bottom of this page, enable this setting by checking the checkbox next to Give line-items a new ID, then click Update GrowFlow Account to save the changes:

You'll still be able to edit this behavior on any line item by clicking the line item's Edit button. After clicking Edit, you'll see an option to select “Keep [ID]” to skip re-tagging and keep the same Metrc tag. It will look like this when you select it in the New ID# column:

Done! Now your orders will always convert to a new ID (Metrc tag) when the full package quantity is packed on your order unless you designate otherwise in the order.

Ta-da! ✨

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