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WA Standalone: CCRS Log

Locate CCRS Manifests and check the status of CSV uploads in your CCRS Log!

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Updated 3/28/23

Welcome to your CCRS Log! GrowFlow service reports to CCRS on your behalf and attends to any error messages received from CCRS during the reporting process. Your CCRS Log is a convenient place to view and download each CSV report submitted to CCRS, including Manifest CSVs and copies of your CCRS Manifest PDFs.

Go to CCRS Log

Hover over your license name in the top right corner of your account and click CCRS Log the drop-down menu:

There are two tabs in your CCRS Log: CSV Uploads and Manifest Webforms.

Part I: CSV Uploads

On the CSV Uploads tab, view the history and details of each CSV report submitted to CCRS:

Use the filter options (1-5 in screenshot above) to narrow your search for any specific CSV report(s):

1. Use the Search by entering keywords related to any column

2. Select A Status to filter by status. Some statuses include:

  • Complete: CSV was uploaded successfully to CCRS

  • Processing: CSV is in the process of uploading to CCRS

  • Error: The manifest registration was unsuccessful and errors are being reconciled for re-submission by GrowFlow service

3. Select An Import Type to filter by any CSV report type

4. Filter by Date by entering the beginning and end date to filter by CSV submission date

5. Click the refresh button to refresh the data table

View or sort data in any column (6-11 in screenshot above):

6. Filed Date: The date the report was submitted to CCRS

7. Import Type: The type of file submitted

8. File: Click on the file name to view the CSV file submitted or click on the download icon to download a copy

9. Total Rows: The total number of rows submitted on the CSV report

10. Rows Processed: The status of the upload and total number of rows processed (in parentheses)

11. Errors: The total number of errors received in response to the CSV report submission.

12. Error Log: If errors arise, this column will display an error report

13. Click View Errors to view the error details returned by CCRS for the given report or click the download icon to download a copy

Note: When GrowFlow is notified of any errors by CCRS, they will be shown in the CCRS Log. CCRS will email GrowFlow a copy of the error file so that we can take care of the errors for you. There isn’t anything that you’ll need to do to resolve these errors unless we reach out to you.

Part II: Manifest Webforms

Navigate to the Manifest Webforms tab to view your history of each manifest registered with the LCB.

Just as in Part I: CSV Uploads, you can use the search and filters at the top of the page to narrow down to any particular manifests here.

View and sort CCRS manifest data in the following columns:

1. Filed Date: The date the manifest was uploaded to CCRS

2. Order Number: The GrowFlow order (invoice) number associated with the manifest

3. LCB Manifest: The CCRS Manifest ID returned by CCRS

Note: The CCRS Manifest ID will be the GrowFlow Manifest ID with two numerical additions separated by dashes after the GF Manifest ID.

For example: GF12345600001234-1234567-1

4. Logs: On the specified line-item, hover over “Logs” to view a log note of the manifest webform submission. This column will hold a Download link if the submission was successful. Click Download to download a copy of the CCRS Manifest PDF.

When you're done, use the navigation sidebar that will route you back to anywhere in your GrowFlow account from here!

Keep up the great work!

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