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Live Marketplace: How to Set Minimum Order Value
Live Marketplace: How to Set Minimum Order Value

Prevent checkout when dollar amount on an order is below the minimum amount

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Updated 9/21/2021

Want to make sure you are selling enough products on an order to offset the costs of packaging and delivery? Live Marketplace Sellers can set a minimum dollar amount for the entire order!

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to set this up in your Store today!

1. Navigate to the Admin tab and select Store Setup

2. Select the Settings tab on the Store Setup page

3. Here you’ll see the new Minimum Order Value option on this page. By default, it will be turned off. To enable it, click on the checkbox.

4. It will auto-populate $1,000 as the minimum order value. You can change this amount to anything you’d like.

5. If the amount is below $1,000 it will show a warning message that the amount seems low. However, it will still allow you to save since it’s ultimately up to the Seller to determine their Minimum Order Value.

6. Make sure to Save the changes!

7. Once the changes are saved, a confirmation message will appear in the top right-hand corner that says Updated!

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