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Metrc: Reporting Daily Plant Waste
Metrc: Reporting Daily Plant Waste

Workflow for reporting daily plant waste in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 01/24/2023

Metrc does not currently have a way for us to report your daily plant waste through the API, so you must upload a file to your Metrc account to report the collected waste. To make this easier for you, we have created a workflow where you can record daily plant waste in GrowFlow and then export a CSV file to upload to Metrc. Here's how!

In GrowFlow

1. To collect plant waste, select the Collect button atop the Flower column

2. In the Enter weight of collected waste window:

A. Select the room where the waste is being collected from

B. Enter the total weight in grams of the waste

C. Select a reason for destruction from the drop-down

D. Optionally, enter an explanation

E. Click Submit

3. You will see a success message in the top-right corner that reads “Collected waste has been recorded" and a new Grow Waste window will appear

4. Select the Daily Plant Waste you just disposed of and click Dispose Selected

  • Note: Click Undo Destroy to undo the the entered Daily Plant Waste

5. Enter the disposal method and material mix, then click Dispose

6. You will see a confirmation message at the top right of the screen showing “Successfully Disposed of Disposals”

7. Go to the Dashboard on the top navigation then press on the Reports tab. Once you’re on the Reports page, go to the Changes tab, then navigate to the Daily Plant Waste tab.

8. You will see a new report with the record of the plant waste that you just destroyed. To export only the records that you haven’t reported yet, you can use the date filter to only populate the records on those dates. Press the Export button to generate a CSV download of the records.

In Metrc

9. Log in to your Metrc account

10. Navigate to the Plants tab, then select Plant Waste

11. Click the import button to import the CSV file that you downloaded from GrowFlow

12. The data import screen will show up. Navigate to the Plants Waste tab to import the CSV file. You’ll see an example of the CSV columns, which are already formatted correctly from the GrowFlow CSV export. Click the ⬆ to upload the file.

You’re done reporting your Daily Plant Waste!

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