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Modify is a great tool for changing plant or item details such as the strain name or product name to report these changes to Metrc.* Here’s everything you can do with this powerful tool!

*To change the strain name on plants, this action must be done in both Metrc and GrowFlow. Jump to Part II: Modify Plants for more information.

📣💥 Note: Modify is not used to change traceability type or add a batch name. For these actions, see Metrc: How to Package Bulk Inventory using "Package"

Part I: Modify Inventory

You can modify general inventory, clones, and sellable plants from the Inventory>Overview page:

The Modify tool is located in the middle of the blue toolbar at the top right of the inventory table, shown below:

  1. Select one or many items of the same traceability type that you wish to modify to the same details with the rightmost checkboxes

  2. Click the Modify button on the blue action bar

In the Modify Inventory window that appears, you have 4 modification types to choose from: Details, Vendors, Product, and Special. Let’s go through these one by one!

Modify Details

A. Select Grade

This is for modifying the Grade of flower that has been harvested and cured or stored as fresh or fresh-frozen. Grade is an inventory control feature used to help set tiered pricing.

  • Note: The Grades feature is currently en route to being deprecated as this was a V1 feature, and is replaced with Product Categories. For best practice, please continue with the use of Categories.

B. Select Category

Category refers to the grouping of a product within a traceability type.

  • Example: Popcorn and Premium Buds are examples of categories within the Flower & Buds traceability type.

C. Birth Date

Birth Date is the date an inventory package was created in that traceability type. Use this to change the date a package was created.

D. Add Note

Add a note to the inventory item which will show on the Inventory Details window when an item’s ID number is clicked (not reported to Metrc).

E. Add Traceability Note

Add a note to the package which is reported to Metrc.

Modify Vendors

Set custom vendor information to display on your labels:

A. Produced By

Set the vendor who produced (cultivated) the clone or plant material.

B. Supplier

Set the vendor who supplied the item, such as if a facility cured plant material that was harvested at another facility. This will be automatically set for imported items for the supplying vendor.

C. Manufacturer

Set the vendor who manufactured the item, such as a bulk extract, packaged Pre-Rolls, or edibles.

D. Owner

Set a vendor as the owner of the item, such as if you are an edibles manufacturer holding extract from another vendor to manufacture their edibles.

Modify Product

To change a product’s strain name, you will also select the product name to do this by two options:

  1. Select from Product Templates, then select the strain in the next step.

  2. Select from Existing Products, which are strain-specific.

    You can also select a new product size if a mistake was made during conversion.

    • Example: A batch of Flower & Buds was made into "1g Pre-Rolls" product, but it actually was made into 3.5g jars. Rather than undoing your conversion, you can simply use Modify Product to assign the correct product and size.

Modify Special

A. Assign Lab Result to Inventory

If a QA Sample tag is already applied to a package in Metrc but is not applied in GrowFlow, use this box to paste the complete QA Sample tag ID as shown in Metrc to have the QA result details show on the package in GrowFlow.

B. Remove QA Result from Inventory

Check this checkbox to remove a QA Sample tag from the package.

  • Note: This will not remove the testing status or QA sample from the package in Metrc, only the QA information in GrowFlow will be removed, such as potencies.

Part II: Modify Plants

You can modify plant details as well as clones and sellable plant inventory from the Grow>Plants page:

On the Plants tab, select your Vegging or Flowering plants and click to open the More dropdown on the far right, then go to Modify:

Modify Plants

A. Select a Strain

Choose a new strain by searching or browsing the strain dropdown. If you don’t see the strain you need, you can click Create New Strains Here.

📣💥 Please note! To change the strain on a vegging or flowering plant, you must change the strain in both Metrc and GrowFlow. See Metrc: Modify the Strain of Vegging & Flowering Plants in Metrc for these steps in Metrc.

B. Is Mother

Check Yes or No to designate the Mother status of the selected plants.

C. Reassign Metrc Tag

Check this box to re-tag the plant with a new Metrc tag:

D. Set Dates

Set the Birth Date, Vegetative Date, Flower Date, or Harvest Date for the selected plants.

Happy Modifying! ✨

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