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Metrc: Change Vegging and Flower Growth Phase Dates in Metrc
Metrc: Change Vegging and Flower Growth Phase Dates in Metrc

Here's how to manually change Vegging and Flowering growth phase dates on plants in Metrc to align with GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 8/21/23

Follow these steps in Metrc to modify the phase change date for Vegging or Flowering plants.

Note: Since Metrc doesn't allow integrators to set growth phase dates through their API, make sure to also change the phase date in GrowFlow using the Modify tool as explained in this article: Metrc: The Modify Tool - Part II: Modify Plants

Change Growth Phase in Metrc

1. Login to Metrc and go to the Plants page

2. Select the Vegging or Flowering tab depending on what phase your plants are in

3. Highlight the plants to modify (use Shift + Click to select an array of plants)

4. Go to Change Growth Phase

5. In the green Template region at the top of the window, select the growth phase next to New Phase and click the green check button

The Template's green checkmark button will apply the setting to all selected plants

6. Next to Change Date, select the phase date and click the green check button

7. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click the Change Phase button

8. Refresh your page to see the updates under the Phase Date column!

Happy cultivating!

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