Updated: 8/05/22

If a Vegging or Flowering plant shows the incorrect strain in MEetrc and you need to update it, you will follow these steps:

1. Open Metrc and click on the Plants Tab

2. This will bring up the Plants page, then:

A. Click on either the Vegetative or Flowering tab

B. Select one or multiple Plants to modify

  • To select multiple plants, select the top plant number, hold SHIFT, and click on the bottom plant number

C. Click on Change Strains

3. On the Change Strain pop-up menu:

A. If all plants share the new strain name, you can enter it here and click the

green checkmark to apply the strain name to all that were selected

B. You can also enter different strain names for each plant selected

C. Once the fields are complete, click Update Strain

Nice work! You have now updated your Vegging or Flowering Plant's strain name!

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