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Metrc: Modifying the Strain of an Immature Plant Batch
Metrc: Modifying the Strain of an Immature Plant Batch

How to modify the strain name of an Immature Plant Batch, such as a batch of clones, as a wholesaler connected to Metrc

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Updated 10/27/2022

Modify the Strain Name in Metrc

1. Log in to your Metrc account

2. Click Plants in the navigation bar

3. On the Plants page, click Immature

4. Locate and select the Immature Plant Batch that requires a modification to the strain name

5. Click Change Strains to select and apply the new strain

Run a Sync in GrowFlow

1. Log in to your GrowFlow account

2. Click Admin in the navigation bar, then click Sync in the drop-down

3. Click Plant Batches Sync to sync in the updated strain name from Metrc

4. Leave this page open until the sync is complete

5. When the sync is complete, head to your Grow or Plants Overview to verify the updated strains names have synced in on the Immature Plant Batches

6. If the updates did not sync in, reach out to us in chat support to request a Deep Sync on your account

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