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Wholesale: Inventory Rooms
Wholesale: Inventory Rooms

Learn how to manage your inventory and sales processes effectively with Rooms in GrowFlow Wholesale

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GrowFlow helps you to manage your in-stock materials effectively with Rooms. It's important to note that there are two types of Rooms in GrowFlow:

  • Inventory Rooms

  • Plant Rooms

Inventory Rooms are rooms associated with sales processes. We can manage Rooms via Admin > Rooms. Let's take a look at the Inventory tab!

Adding New Inventory Room

To add a new inventory room, simply navigate to the actions area, and click ➕New Inventory Room.

A new line item will appear in the table, with blank fields to fill out the room details.

  • Room Name

  • Room Purpose: Optionally select the room as Standard or Quarantined inventory

  • Notes

  • Don't forget to click Save!

What do these other columns on the Rooms page do?

  • Room IDs: Room IDs help us to track data within your Rooms in the Change Log and Audit Log of your account. This may also be used by your state-mandated traceability system for data tracking purposes if applicable.

  • Room Type: This will always be Inventory as we created an Inventory Room

  • Toggle Room Type: With one click, toggle the Room Type to a Plant Room which will move the room to the Plants tab

  • Metrc Room Type: Only applicable for CA Metrc Microbusiness! Click here for more details.

  • Default: Click the ★ button in this column to mark this room as the default for new inventory, conversions, or inventory moves of any kind

  • Click Edit on a Room's line item to edit these fields at any time

Deleting an Inventory Room

To delete a single Inventory Room, simply click the orange Del button on its line item, in the New/Edit/Delete column.

To delete multiple Inventory Rooms, select each room to the right of each line item, then click the orange Del button in the actions area.

In either instance, a window will appear asking you to confirm this action.

Hide Inventory

In GrowFlow, there is an additional Room Purpose option known as Hide Inventory. This functionality enables you to conceal inventory items within a designated room, preventing them from being accessible during the processes of packaging, converting new inventory, or creating Orders, Pre-Orders, or Order Requests in your LIVE Marketplace store.

Hidden Inventory is only viewable by toggling the view on the Inventory Overview to View 'Hidden'. The Inventory will need to be moved to a Standard or Quarantine room when you're ready to access it.

Vendor-Specific Rooms

You might notice you have more Inventory Rooms than you have manually created - Don't be alarmed! These were created by a feature, operating at the Packing stage in the order workflow, called Move Items to New Rooms which has since been deprecated on January 19th, 2024.

The removal of this tool did not automatically clear any vendor-specific rooms that were created in your account by use of this feature. If you wish to remove these rooms, you can do so via Admin > Rooms by selecting the room(s) and clicking the Del button. Alternatively, you can choose to utilize the vendor-specific rooms as you wish, without the automatic functionality of Move Items to New Rooms.

With this feature removed, you may choose to use the Hide Inventory Room Purpose to conceal specific inventory items during packaging or sales processes.

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