Updated 1/31/2022

Starting January 3rd, 2022 California Microbusiness license holders will need to assign a location type to each of their locations or designate a Metrc Room Type for each Room in Growflow. The location type is dependent on the inventory (plants or packages) being stored in the room.

Currently, there are four Metrc location types you can select from:

1. Cultivation: To be used for all Plant types from Seeds to Harvest, whether assigned a plant tag or a package tag

2. Distribution: For all inventory packages in quarantine rooms for sales orders

3. Manufacturing: For inventory packages intended for use in manufacturing activities, excluding plants

4. Retail: For inventory packages intended for sale to end customers, excluding plants

Additionally, Metrc requires at least one location must be created/updated for each activity (location type) the license is authorized to engage in


  • While this change is in effect as of January 3, 2022, licensees have until February 1, 2022, to update the location type on all existing locations used for plant batches, plants, and harvests from Default Location Type to Cultivation.

  • For the three inventory location types (# 2 through 4 above), Metrc will not prevent you from assigning them the way you want, as long as they are not used for plants.

This article has two sections:

Assigning the Metrc location types to new rooms in GrowFlow

Assigning the Metrc location types to existing rooms in GrowFlow

Assign a Metrc Room Type to a new Room in GrowFlow

1. Head to Admin > Room

2. Select either a new Plant Room or a new Inventory Room

3. Enter a name for the new Room

4. Assign a Room Purpose from the drop-down menu

5. Assign the Metrc Room Type

  • Note: All Plant Rooms will need to be assigned to Cultivation

6. Click Save

Assign a Metrc Room Type to an existing Room in GrowFlow

1. Head to Admin > Room

2. Click Edit

3. Click the caret to view the drop-down list in the Metrc Room Type column

4. Select the Room Type

5. Click Save

Starting on Jan 3rd, 2022 you will be able to create and edit rooms in Growflow and have those changes reflected in Metrc. This applies to both Inventory and Plant rooms.

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