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Wholesale: Plant Rooms

Plant rooms are rooms associated with the growing process and GrowFlow helps you manage all of your plant rooms effectively

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Updated 02/08/2023

Firstly, it’s important to note that there are two types of Rooms in GrowFlow:

  • Plant Rooms

  • Inventory Rooms

Plant Rooms are Rooms associated with the growing process, whereas Inventory Rooms hold all of your post-harvest and/or packaged inventory. GrowFlow helps you manage all of your room types effectively, however, in this article, we’ll be focusing on Plant Rooms exclusively.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Plants tab via Admin > Rooms.

Locating your Plant rooms

To locate your Plant Rooms, head to your Admin > Rooms and click on the Plants tab.

Add New Plant Room

To add a new plant room, simply navigate to the upper-right section of your Plants tab, and click the ➕New Plant Room button.

A new line will appear on the table list, along with blank fields that need to be filled out as the Room's details.

  • Room Name: Name the room consistent with the room or area in your facility

  • Room Purpose: Designate the room for clones, vegging, flowering, or drying plants, or leave it as unknown

    • Assigning a Room Purpose allows the specific Rooms to populate and default when progressing your Plants through the growth stages. Note that if you are simply moving Plants from room to room, this may also move their growth stage if the assigned Room Purpose differs from the Plant's current stage.

  • Note: Optionally make note of anything mentionable about the room

  • Don't forget to click Save!

Add Tables to a Plant Room

GrowFlow also helps you create tables within rooms for better inventory management during the growing process. These tables can represent actual physical tables your plants are being stored on or even just represent a designated area or shelf in your plant room for organizational purposes.

  • Simply click the blue ➕ icon to add tables.

This will expand an area below the room, where you will click ➕Add Table to Room.

Now, just fill out the fields for the Table Name, and optionally any helpful notes about the table, then click Save!

  • Note: Table views are also accessible via Grow > Plants page by using the Table filter:

What do these other columns on the Rooms page do?

  • Room IDs: Room IDs help us to track data within your Rooms in the Change Log and Audit Log of your account. This may also be used by your state-mandated traceability system for data tracking purposes if applicable.

  • Block: Assign a room to a Block to utilize the All Plants in Org feature.

  • Toggle Room Type: Clicking the Set button in this column allows you to change the room type from being designated as an Inventory room to a Plant room or vice versa. For example, when setting up your rooms, if you make a mistake on the room type, this lets you correct it quickly without having to delete it and then recreate it as the other type.

  • Metrc Room Type: Only applicable for CA Metrc Microbusiness! Click here for more details.

  • Default: Set a room to Default by clicking the ★ button. GrowFlow will auto-populate the Default rooms when you are creating or promoting in the Grow screens.

    • Note: Only one default room can be set per room purpose type

  • Click edit on a Rooms line item to edit the details at any time

Delete a Plant room

Simply click the orange Del button in the far right-hand column, for the room you wish to delete. A window will appear asking you to confirm this action.

Doesn’t it feel good to have everything organized?

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