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Wholesale: Move Plants to a New Room
Wholesale: Move Plants to a New Room

Moving plants between Vegetative or Flowering Rooms without changing their growth phase

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Updated 09/09/2022

Plants are often moved into new rooms during their growth, and not just when they are being flipped to flowering. To move plants to another room, read on!

The normal flow of plants on the Grow Overview is from left to right, following them from the cloning stage through harvest. When we move plants from room to room in the same growth phase, we are effectively moving them up or down their current column.

  • Note: Moving Plants into a room that has been assigned a different Room Purpose will also move the Plants into the Room Purposes' assigned stage. For instance, moving vegging Plants into a room with an assigned purpose of Flower will progress the Plants to the Flowering stage.

Moving Plants to a New Room

1. Head over to the Plants Overview by clicking Grow > Plants

2. From here, locate and select the Plants to move

3. Click Move

4. Select the new Room from the drop-down options

  • Note: Option to create a new Table in the Room if needed, click here

5. Click Move Plants, and voila!

You will now find your plants in the new room on the Grow Overview.

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