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Wholesale: Bulk Print Labels for Orders
Wholesale: Bulk Print Labels for Orders

Save time by printing labels in bulk for multiple orders at once, quickly and with ease in GrowFlow!

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Updated 11/16/2022

Accessing Bulk Print

1. From the Orders Overview, click Print/Share > Print Labels in Bulk

2. You will be redirected to the Bulk Print tool in a new tab, defaulted to view all of the order items available for printing for all orders in the Ready to Label stage

  • Note: The navigation bar is in the left-hand panel

Setting Print Preferences

1. Click on the Ready to Label, Need to Manifest, or Need to Transfer tabs to view and select the order items available for printing per stage

2. Use the search bar or filter tool to filter by categories to narrow down the order items to select for printing if needed

3. Select all order items needed for printing

4. In the label column, individually select the intended label per each order item or click Set Label to select one label intended for all selected order items

  • Note: Default labels will still populate as defaulted via Bulk Print

5. Once all labels are selected, click Print

6. In the Page Layout drop-down, select a multi-label template, if applicable

7. Select an Item Header Label, if applicable

8. Selecting Change Print Qty will allow you the option to adjust the number of labels to print per each order item selected

  • For example: Updating this field to 20 will print 20 labels each for the 3 order items I've selected, printing a total of 60 labels

  • Note: Leaving this option deselected will print the number of labels needed per each order item's quantity packed

9. Click Print

Printing Your Labels

Once you've selected your printing preferences and clicked Print, the PDF preview of your selected labels will appear for viewing

  • Click ⬇ to download a copy of the PDF

  • Click 🖨️ to Print

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