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Metrc: Workflow Changes After Migrating
Metrc: Workflow Changes After Migrating

A summary of the changes Oklahoma wholesale licenses will encounter once your GrowFlow Wholesale account is connected to your Metrc account

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Updated 06/15/2022




Packages column

Newly accepted clones will be here until they are unpacked into a plant batch.

Clones, seeds

This will no longer contain your list of seeds, this is actually clones and seedlings. Seeds are now listed exclusively on the inventory page.

Make clones

Clone batches now have a programmatic batch name rather than an ID number.

Move plants to veg

Metrc tags are now applied at this stage. The plants move from named batches to individually tagged plants.

Flower stage

No change

Undo Harvest

You can no longer undo a harvest in GrowFlow if you made a mistake. Instead, you have two choices: either go into your Metrc account and discontinue the harvest or if it's been more than a couple of days you'll need to contact Metrc to request the correction you need.

The discontinue option only works if you haven't yet created waste or packages.

Help article coming soon


If any harvests were open at the time you migrated, the wet weight will now be in your inventory as Whole Wet Plant. This video shows how to cure them.


You will now use Metrc package tags while you’re creating packages from your harvest.

Lot inventory

The Lot Inventory column will no longer be displayed on the Grow Overview.

Daily plant waste

Metrc requires you to upload a spreadsheet of this waste to the Plants Waste page in Metrc. Use the export tool for Daily Waste from the "Changes" tab in GrowFlow's Dashboard reports menu.

Plant batch waste

Metrc requires you to upload a spreadsheet of this waste to the Immature Plants Waste page in Metrc. Use the export tool for Plant Batch Waste from the "Changes" tab in GrowFlow's Dashboard reports menu

Pack order

When you pack an order you are now using Metrc tags when any of the packages need to be converted or sublotted.

A new tag will not be used if the quantity being packed is the full quantity left in the ID (unless your account has a setting to override this and assign a new ID).

Need to Sync outbound orders to Metrc

To put orders into transit, you will need to go into Metrc, register the manifest "Template" we've sent to your Metrc account, then come back to GrowFlow and click “Register Complete”.

Until May 26th, you need to create an "External" transfer in Metrc if the receiving party doesn't have a Metrc account yet.

Editing an order after registering the manifest in Metrc

Void order in Metrc, undo transfer in GF, edit, re-register in Metrc

Accept inbound order

Accept in Metrc using the "Receive" button on the incoming transfers page, then sync in Growflow.

Reject inbound items

You can only fully reject a line item. No partial rejections are allowed by Metrc.

Inventory - test status

Once on Metrc, only tested material can be sold, This means packages that are marked SubmittedForTesting cannot be placed on an order unless it was tested before you connected to Metrc and you have added "Change Notes" on the package in Metrc listing the lab name, unique sample ID shown on the COA, and the type of test(s) performed by the lab.

You have until July 26th to sell product tested before Metrc or it would need to be retested. Your other option is to ask the testing lab to upload the original COA to Metrc for you (ask the lab what they need from you to do this).

QA order

Because QA orders are now connected through Metrc, your test will be considered submitted as soon as you “pack” a QA order.
Make sure you have all the details correct as you will have to call Metrc to make any changes and this leaves your material unable to be shipped until it’s resolved- often 2 weeks.

Be sure to create the lab sample in a lab order by pulling the number of grams or units you need for the sample directly from the batch. That is what will tie your results in Metrc back to the tested batch.

See this help article for the workaround due to a bug in Metrc affecting lab transfers.

Sell or transfer vegging plants

Metrc's API does not support this, so you need to package the vegging plants first in Metrc, then sync them to GrowFlow, then add them to the order

Inventory - check tags

To check your available tags, click Tags on the Inventory page. It’s important to do this often to prevent running out of tags.


Entering waste is a 2 part process - use “Dispose Selected” to finish destroying inventory in Metrc. Having two steps allows you to Undo the destruction before you dispose of it.

Inventory type

The “Type” names are changing slightly to match the terms used by Metrc but they are functionally the same.

Legacy ID

Your old GF ID number will show in yellow below the Metrc ID to allow you to cross-check that you got the right Metrc tags on packages. Anything you make after your transition will just have a METRC ID number.


Package, Sublot, and Lot now use tags when performed.


You will need to use the Sync tool frequently to align GF and Metrc data.

Importing new tags to GrowFlow

After receiving additional tags from Metrc, import them using the Import Tool on the Admin menu in GrowFlow.

OMMA Reporting

The last report is due June 15th for the month of May. Subsequent reporting is automatic via Metrc.

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