Updated 6/10/22

Metrc does not currently allow integrators to report to Metrc when packaging individually tagged plants to make them available to transfer to another license. It is a feature request on Metrc's list. Until that is available, this article explains how to package your plants in Metrc and then sync them into GrowFlow so you can transfer them.

This applies to vegging plants that already have Plant tags applied to them (not clones or seeds).

A. Package the Vegging Plants in Metrc

  1. In your Metrc account, go to the Plants page, and click on the "Vegetative" tab

  2. Select all the plants of one strain that you want to transfer

  3. Click the "Create Packages" button

  4. Enter package details

    1. Select the next Package Tag you want to use, the location, the item (an Immature Plants product with the correct strain), and today's date

    2. Click the "Create Packages" button

B. Sync Packages to GrowFlow

  1. In GrowFlow, go to the Admin>Sync page and run "All Standard Syncs"

C. Add Immature Plants Package to Order in GrowFlow

  1. Create a new order for a cultivator

  2. Filter by the Type "Immature Plants"

  3. Add the quantity from the package for the order and enter the price

  4. Proceed as you would with other orders.

Once Metrc updates its API, you'll be able to use the "Sell Plants" feature in GrowFlow for this process and not have to create the package in Metrc first!

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