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Wholesale: Integrating with LeafLink
Wholesale: Integrating with LeafLink

How to connect your account and products to LeafLink & view and export LeafLink sales history in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 09/11/23

GrowFlow's LeafLink integration allows orders placed in LeafLink to automatically create a corresponding order in GrowFlow to save time and manual entry.

With this integration enabled:

  • Orders are automatically created in GrowFlow when an order is placed in LeafLink

  • Order statuses that are updated in GrowFlow get updated in LeafLink

  • Even for products that aren’t connected between GrowFlow and LeafLink, an order will automatically be created with all the information in that order so you can fulfill all incoming orders from LeafLink

Note: This integration is only for orders. This integration does not update inventory in LeafLink, even after it’s fulfilled in GrowFlow. You must still update your inventory manually in LeafLink.

For more information on LeafLink, please email their team directly at [email protected].

Setting up the Integration in LeafLink

1. Head over to your LeafLink account. Navigate to Settings, then click on the first tab labeled Company Information

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Company Information tab and check the following boxes:

  • Enable Developer Options Access for GrowFlow

  • Enable Webhooks for GrowFlow

Then, click Save once you’ve checked off these two options.

3. Next, you’ll set up your API key. Click the Applications tab at the top of the screen

Note: To set up the API key and the webhook key, you will need Admin permissions for the LeafLink account and ensure access to the Developer tools is enabled.

4. Click Create an App to connect your API key

5. Fill out the following fields then click Create App

  • App name: GrowFlow & LeafLink integration

  • Developer email: Your email address

  • Describe the goals of your application: Create orders from LeafLink in GrowFlow

6. Set Orders permission to Read & Write

You will see a success dialogue once you’ve created the app.

7. You will see the app that you just created on the Applications page

Note: Copy the API key on this page as you'll need it later to enter into your GrowFlow account to complete the integration.

8. Next, you’ll set up your webhook key. Navigate back to Settings, then click the Developer Options tab.

9. From the Developer Options screen, click Add Webhook

10. Fill out the following fields, then click Add Webhook.

Under Types, check the New & Changed Orders box

You will see a success dialogue in the top-right of the screen and the new webhook you created under the Webhooks section.

Setting up the Integration in GrowFlow

1. Once you’ve set up your API and webhook keys, navigate to the Account Settings page in your GrowFlow account

2. Navigate to the Integrations section

Note: If you do not see the Integrations tab, please let the Client Experience team in chat or your Client Success Manager know so that they can enable the Integrations feature.

3. Click on the Details button for LeafLink to open the integrations page

4. Copy the API key from the Applications section and the webhook key from the Developer Options section of your LeafLink account and paste them into the fields in GrowFlow. Your Customer ID is called your Company ID in LeafLink.

Click the Update LeafLink Credentials button once the fields are filled out. This will connect your GrowFlow and LeafLink accounts.

Connecting your GrowFlow Products to LeafLink

Next, you’ll need to connect your products in GrowFlow to LeafLink. To do this:

1. Navigate to the Products page under the Admin tab in GrowFlow.

2. Under the Packaged tab, there will be a column labeled LeafLink SKU. This is where you’ll connect your LeafLink products with your GrowFlow products.

3. In your LeafLink account, navigate to the Products tab, then copy the SKU noted.

4. Find the same product in your GrowFlow account, then enter the LeafLink SKU by checking off the product field and clicking Edit. Make sure to enter the LeafLink SKU for the same product as your GrowFlow product. Do this for all of the products you’d like connected between LeafLink to GrowFlow.

Metrc Users: Metrc has many limitations in allowing us to edit a Product in GrowFlow. If you receive an error message, please delete the Product, then re-create the Product with the LeafLink SKU applied.

5. Once you finish connecting your products, you're all set up! When an order is placed in LeafLink and gets created in GrowFlow, it will have a LeafLink banner on the order.

See our help article Wholesale: Converting Pre-Orders for a walkthrough on processing the LeafLink order, which is the same process.

Note: If the products aren’t connected or the product couldn’t be found, an order will still be created in GrowFlow but all the order details will show up in the notes section of the order instead and you will need to add the right inventory item in GrowFlow to the order.

LeafLink Sales History

Via Orders > Sales History, LeafLink orders are noted with a LeafLink Source Type.

Select LeafLink in the Filter by Order Source drop-down to filter the Sales History view by LeafLink orders. From here, you can also utilize the Date filter and Export for any reporting purposes.

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