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Wholesale: How to Package Harvests into Bulk Packages
Wholesale: How to Package Harvests into Bulk Packages

Package dry, wet, and waste weights from a harvest in GrowFlow Wholesale

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This article covers packaging harvests, including wet and freshly harvested plants, wet flower, trimmed, and untrimmed material. This workflow allows for more precise packaging of post-harvest products, such as trimmed Sugar Leaf, Popcorn Buds, or Grade-A Flower, without needing to pack everything as Bulk Flower first and separate it later.

Package Harvest

1. Select your Harvest to package

2. Once you see the Package Harvest Batch dialog, use the following fields to create your packages of post-harvest material:

A. Create Packages/Waste: Use the Product drop-downs to select the products for packaging your material


  • Don't see the specific products you're packaging? Select Default Product and GrowFlow will automatically create the strain-specific product based on the Type, or click Create New Template.

  • You can choose to package a Whole Wet Plant or bulk material of Wet or Dry Flower, Untrimmed Material, specific grades of flower, and Shake/Trim packages depending on the line-item type and what is in your Product Catalog.

  • These are bulk products only and can include Popcorn Buds, Sugar Leaf, Trimmed Flower, etc. Set up these Products or Templates via Admin > Products.

B. To add more line items for creating multiple packages at once, click New Package, then select the overarching product category, such as Flower or Shake. Use this packaging process to create multiple packages of bulk inventory types, such as the image below.

Note for Washington: When packaging Wet Flower or Wet Other Material, remember to enter the wet weight as one of these types immediately after harvesting. Then, click Collect Additional if the remaining weight will go through the drying phase. Additionally, anything that will be tested, including trim for prerolls, should be entered under a product name set up with the Flower traceability type.

C. Enter the waste weight produced from the packaging

Note for Metrc users:

  • Under Create Waste, enter the waste weight and select a waste type.

Notes for Oklahoma Metrc users:

  • MMJ Waste types should only be selected when the waste is intended for transfer to a waste facility.

  • Selecting MMJ Waste types here will not automatically package the waste into a package tag for transfer.

  • Select Rootball, Stems, Fan Leaves or Waste for waste that will be disposed of at your facility.

D. Optionally, select a Room for your packages

E. If you would like to create more packages out of your Harvest at a later date check the Collect Additional button to keep the Harvest Batch open

3. Once all desired packages are entered, click Create. The new inventory will appear under the Inventories tab of the Package Harvest batch window and can also be found on the Inventory Overview or in the Bulk Inv. column on the Grow Overview.

Note: Waste weight is recorded in the Disposals tab of the Package Harvest batch window. When the harvest waste has been disposed of, click Waste atop the Bulk Inv. column to report the final disposal to traceability.

See Final Disposal for instructions.

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