Metrc: How to Package MMJ Waste

How to create MMJ Waste from inventory, harvests, and plants in GrowFlow Wholesale to be transferred outbound through Metrc

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Updated 6/8/23

Part I: Package Inventory

Let's look at an example of packaging Bulk Concentrate from Flower & Buds and then packaging the remaining weight (waste) into MMJ Waste.

On the Inventory page, click the clipboard icon on your bulk package to copy the tag number, then click Package:

Let's say we are making 500g of Bulk Concentrate from 2,270g of Flower & Buds. Under Amount to Use, we will only enter the amount of concentrate produced:

At the bottom of the page, we enter the final weight of the concentrate, and we will not enter waste (keep as zero):

Now let's create our MMJ Waste package for the remaining Flower & Buds weight.

Part II: Package MMJ Waste

Copy the tag number from our remaining package weight(s) to package into MMJ Waste and go to Package:

Here is what your window will look like to package into MMJ Waste:

1. Select Bulk Inventory

2. What are we making? Select MMJ Waste, then select your product name in the next field that appears

Tip: Don't have an MMJ Waste product? Click Create New Product Template to make one:

3. Select a Strain

4. Paste your inventory ID(s) (tag numbers) into the search bar or filter by Type, Strain, or Room to locate your source bulk inventory

5. Click All to use the full quantity to create your MMJ Waste or enter a partial value

6. Enter the total grams of the MMJ Waste to create (the same value as in step 4)

7. (Optional) If your package is Failed or Submitted for Testing status, Metrc will block the MMJ Waste from being transferred. To prevent this, check the checkbox next to "This product requires QA re-testing" to reset the MMJ Waste's QA status

Note: If your package has Passed or no QA results, skip this step.

8. Keep the waste entry as 0 (this field is not applicable to MMJ Waste)

9. Select a room to hold the MMJ Waste package

10. Confirm your new tag to use

11. Click Preview Convert to review the convert details in the next window, then click Convert to finish!

Now you will find the MMJ Waste package on the Inventory Overview! Continue to Part 5 of this article to build the Waste Transfer.

Part III: Package MMJ Waste from Veg or Flowering Plants

1. If the Plants are in Veg, click the green arrow to progress the Plants to Flower

2. In the Flower stage, click the green arrow to enter a harvest weight

Note: The plants need to be "harvested" in GrowFlow to package into MMJ Waste

3. Select only the plants that will be transferred to the Waste Facility as MMJ Waste

4. Enter the total waste weight of the plants as the Harvest Weight

5. Click Harvest # Plants

6. Continue to Part 4 of this article to package the Plants as MMJ Waste, then to Part 5 to build the Waste Transfer.

Part IV: Package MMJ Waste from a Harvest

1. On the Grow Overview, select the applicable Harvest from the Harvest column

2. In the Package Harvest Batch window:

A. Click New Package

B. Select MMJ Waste from the drop-down

C. In the MMJ Waste Line item, enter the Waste Quantity

Note: Use the Default Product to create an MMJ Waste Package, select an existing custom template from the drop-down, or click Create New Template to create a new MMJ Waste Product Template.

D. Optional: Click Collect Additional to keep the harvest open to enter future harvest weights

E. Click Create

You can view the MMJ Waste in the Inventories tab of the Package Harvest Batch window or on the Inventory Overview. Continue to Part 5 to build the Waste Transfer.

Part V: Transfer MMJ Waste

When you're ready to transfer the MMJ Waste package, hover over the blue tag number and click the clipboard icon to copy the tag number, then go to Orders

> New Order to start your transfer.

From here, you'll select the Order Type as Waste and select the applicable Waste Facility as the customer.

Tip: See How To Create A Sales Order for additional steps on creating orders.

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