Updated: 12/15/2020

1. Your Orders overview can be found on your main page under the Order tab. 

2. Click on the "New" button at the top of the 1st column. The Create New Order window will open after you click on "New".

  1. Select your Order type or the "type" of license you are sending your order to

  2. Once your order type is selected, the available licenses of that type in your state will populate (Note: reach out to support if you cannot find your customer in the list)

  3. Select the correct customer from the dropdown list.

3. The window expands so you can choose from your inventory items. Filtering by type, strain, or room can help you find your items faster, or you can search by the ID number.

4. By clicking the (+) button next to an item, you can build an order with prepackage units. Or, you can add full bulk or previously packed items by simply typing in the quantity.

5. Once you have your items selected, you can modify the price of an item, or give a discount to your customer.

Note: See steps to adding manual discounts below

6. Modify the whole price of the item by clicking on the blue price amount. Then, enter the new price and click the blue checkmark to save.

7. Once your order is complete, click the "Preview Order" button to view your selections and “Confirm New Order” when you are ready:

8. Your order now appears on your Orders view!

Packing an Order:

1. When you are ready to print your labels and send your order out, you will start by transitioning your order to ‘Ready to Pack’

2. Next, to create new IDs for your items (if you are not seing your entire pacakge) you will progress your order by cliking "Pack/Repackage and Fill all Items"

Note: By have the checkmark "Move Items to New Room" checked, your items will be store in a room under the name of the customer until the items are sent out. This will create a new room under your Rooms list.

3. You can then move this order along the workflow through the packing stage, past Transfer, and to Transit. 

4. Next you will build your Manifest by choosing your options within your Delivery Window.
a. You have the option of self-delivery, pick up, distributor delivery, and a multi-stop manifest. For this example, we will select Self Delivery.
b. After confirming which type of delivery method, you can then choose your driver and the delivery vehicle.

c. Within this Delivery window, you can select your different Stops and the time and date of your delivery. You also can view your delivery route on Google Maps.
d. This section allows you to detail the delivery route with detailed directions.

8. As your final step, you will click the "Click to Transfer Order" button to send your items out on delivery.

Note: Remember to send your driver with a printed copy of the manifest so that your customer can sign it.

Note on clearly the order from your screen:

You will then have the option to ‘Set Received’ if the client is not on GrowFlow. If your client is on GrowFlow, the order will be received by the client and once completed can be found in your sales history. 🍃

Note on adding discounts:

Click on “Add Discount” under the price of an item, then:

  1. Enter the amount of the discount.

  2. Click OK.

Your discount now shows, and the totals have been updated. Next click on Preview Order.

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