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WA Standalone: CCRS Manifesting

How to get the CCRS Manifest or Contingency Manifest for your delivery in GrowFlow Wholesale

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The CCRS Manifest should be printed and accompany all deliveries. Per the LCB, If the CCRS Manifest is not generated within 1 hour of submission or the CCRS system is down the Contingency Manifest (see Part III) is to accompany the delivery if a copy is also emailed to the LCB at [email protected].

Part I: CCRS Manifest

Note: Before generating the manifest, click on the Pull Sheet or Invoice column headers to designate your preferred line item sorting on the Contingency or GF Manifest. Column sorting in GrowFlow does not apply to the CCRS Manifst as we cannot control sorting behaviors outside of GrowFlow. See Customize Manifests.

1. Once your order is ready to manifest in GrowFlow, click Select Delivery Options (Manifest)

2. Select the delivery type and driver information

3. Set the departure and arrival time and date

4. Click Confirm to proceed with the submission of the manifest to CCRS

5. GrowFlow uploads the required files including the manifest CSV file to CCRS on your behalf. Wait for the CCRS Manifest to process in the CCRS system.

While CCRS is processing the manifest, GrowFlow will display the Current Average CCRS wait time:

Tip: Click View Progress if you want to see our progress in uploading each required file to the CCRS system.

6. Once available, you can press Click to Transfer Order and print the CCRS Manifest to accompany the delivery. A copy will have been emailed to each party by the CCRS system:

  • Note: The LCB is responsible for the information populated on the CCRS Manifest. If any discrepancies are found regarding licensee information, reach out to the LCB Service Desk at [email protected] or (360) 664-1776 to request an update.

If the CCRS system is down or the CCRS Manifest has not been generated within 1 hour and the delivery must be made, move on to Part III: Contingency Manifest for further instructions.

Part II: CCRS Manifest Errors

You may receive a manifest error or an email from the LCB requesting a resubmission due to an error. Don't worry! We have you covered.

GrowFlow submits the manifest.CSV files to the LCB on your behalf each time you generate a manifest. Errors happen when CCRS sends us an error message back for the manifest.CSV submission, which means the manifest submission was not fully processed.
Once an error is received on a manifest submission it is automatically added to our queue for our team to resolve the errors and ensure the manifests are resubmitted to the CCRS portal for successful processing. Because of the process we have in place, nothing else is required from you! You and the receiving party will receive a confirmation email with the official manifest from the LCB once the resubmission has been successfully processed in the CCRS.

Part III: Contingency Manifest

Note: Please do not use or email a Contingency Manifest unless the CCRS Manifest has not populated in GrowFlow within one hour of entering/confirming the delivery details in GrowFlow. If you decide to use the Contingency Manifest for transport purposes, you must download and email the Contingency Manifest to [email protected] prior to transport.

Follow these steps to use the Contingency Manifest:

1. Under Manifest, go to the Contingency Manifest tab and read the instructions in yellow and blue:

2. If you choose to deliver with the Contingency Manifest, you must download and email a copy to [email protected], sent directly from your own email account, prior to leaving on delivery.

Meanwhile, we will continue to submit the CCRS Manifest CSV to the CCRS system until it is successful.

If the CCRS Manifest has been generated by the time of your delivery, please use the CCRS Manifest to accompany your delivery. There is no need to email the CCRS Manifest to the LCB.

Part IV: GrowFlow Manifest

The GrowFlow Manifest is provided in the GF Manifest tab for internal use. It is not compliant for transport and should not be the sole manifest to accompany any delivery. Please ensure that you are following Part I and/or Part III of this article to utilize the LCB-approved manifest options.

Part V: Print Manifest and Send the JSON Link!

Prepare the paperwork that is to be shared with your customer once your order is manifested and ready to deliver. This includes printing or emailing the invoice and/or manifests and including the WCIA JSON link via Print/Share.



  • The WCIA link aids your customer in importing the transfer into their traceability system and is generated by GrowFlow service. CCRS does not generate JSON links for transfers.

  • The WCIA link will retain the same line-item sorting designated on the Pull Sheet or Invoice by clicking on the column headers. See:

If you are sharing the JSON link outside of GrowFlow's email tool, click to copy the link where it says WCIA Link on the order and paste it anywhere to share it.

Email Invoice

Via Print/Share > Email Invoice, under Attachments, include the WCIA Transfer Link in the email and attach the applicable Manifest.

  • Note: If the CCRS Manifest has not yet been processed successfully to CCRS, the option to attach the CCRS Manifest will be disabled. Both parties will receive a copy of the CCRS Manifest from the LCB when uploaded successfully.

Email Manifest

Via Print/Share > Email Manifest, the CCRS Manifest will be sent as default if it has already been uploaded to CCRS. Include the WCIA Transfer Link in the email and attach the Contingency or GF Manifest if applicable to the order.

Note: If the CCRS Manifest has not yet been successfully processed in CCRS, it will not be included in the email by default. You may email a Contingency Manifest in the meantime if the CCRS Manifest has not been generated within one hour after manifesting.

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