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Wholesale: Creating Manifests
Wholesale: Creating Manifests

What is a Manifest and how to create one in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Cannabis traceability is founded on the concept that all cannabis material should be able to be traced from its inception (seed or clone) to its final retail consumer. This process is fairly straightforward in terms of internal tracking, i.e. Plants don't tend to get up and walk out of a room all on their own. However, this process does get a bit more complicated when cannabis is transferred between licenses. That is where the Manifest comes in handy. 

By using a transfer Manifest, you will keep track of where your products are going, when they are going, and how they are getting there.

Once you have your order created, packed, and labeled, follow these directions when you get to the Need to Manifest column on your Order screen. 

Note: If you would like to customize the line item sorting of your Manifest, jump to Customize Manifests. This step needs to be taken before a Manifest is generated.

Creating Manifests

1. In the order, start building your Manifest by clicking Select Delivery Options

2. In the Manifest screen, you will first be prompted to select the Delivery Type

Self Delivery

  • Select the Driver and Vehicle associated with your license

    • If a Driver or Vehicle needs to be added, click here below the applicable fields

Pick Up

  • Select the Driver and Vehicle associated with the receiving license

    • Add or Edit a Driver or Vehicle by clicking on the options below the applicable fields

Distributor Delivery

  • Select a Third Party Delivery Service from the drop-down

Note: This option is referred to as Transporter Delivery in Washington and is not available in BioTrack states.

Multi-Stop Manifest

Note: Multi-Stop Manifesting in GrowFlow is only available in Washington, Standalone, and BioTrack states. This option is not available in Metrc States.

3. Next, we'll confirm our Delivery Route:

  • A. Confirm the Date and Time of your Delivery departure and arrival

  • B. Confirm the start and end addresses

Note: If any changes are made, click Update Directions

  • C. Confirm the Delivery Route. GrowFlow is integrated with Google Maps so ensure that you make any updates to the directions based on your preferences.

4. Once you are happy with the logistical information on your Manifest, scroll towards the top of the Manifest window and click Confirm to publish the Manifest

5. Once the Manifest is published:

  • A. Your order will be pushed into the Scheduled for Transit stage and you will be redirected to the Manifest tab on the order

  • B. Click Print Manifest from the Manifest tab to print as many copies of the Manifest as needed

  • C. At any time, you can copy the Manifest ID if needed

  • D. At any time, click Print/Share in the order to Print or Email the Manifest

6. When the order is out for delivery, push the order into the In Transit stage by clicking Click to Transfer Order

Customize Manifest

1. To customize the line item sorting of your manifest, click on the Pull Sheet tab or the Invoice tab within the order

2. Click on a column header to sort the Pull Sheet or Invoice by the column of your choice. Columns will be sorted alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order. Click once for descending, and click twice for ascending.

3. Then, click Select Delivery Options (Manifest) to generate the manifest with the applied line item sorting on the Pull Sheet


  • This step must be taken before the manifest is generated. If the manifest is already generated, any additional column sorting on the Pull Sheet will not be applied. The manifest must be voided to reapply line item sorting.

  • The sorting patterns applied in GrowFlow may not carry over to manifests generated in CCRS, BioTrack, or Metrc as we cannot control the sorting behaviors outside of GrowFlow.

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