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Metrc: Register Outbound Transfers in Metrc
Metrc: Register Outbound Transfers in Metrc

Wholesale: How to complete outgoing transfers between Metrc licenses

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When you send or receive products from other provisional/annual licenses you will need to complete those transfers in Metrc but GrowFlow has made this process incredibly easy, read more below!

1. Complete your Order in GrowFlow as you normally do, making sure to label all products with their existing or new package RFID tag number.

  • Note: Ask the Customer Happiness team for more information on creating beautiful, branded labels complete with compliance requirements in GrowFlow!

2. When you come to the Need to Sync with Metrc column, you will see two buttons on your screen, one green and one blue. 

3. First, click on the green button labeled Take me there

  • This will open your Metrc account.

4. Once open, click on the Transfers drop-down menu and choose Templates

5. Your order that was created in GrowFlow will be visible on your Templates page. Locate the order by looking at the date and license number. Open the order by clicking Use.

6. Your Metrc manifest will open and there you can confirm your package IDs as well as other details.

7. If you are processing a Wholesale Manifest you will need to click on the transfer type and set it to Wholesale. This will pull in any values set in GrowFlow. 

  • Note: Wholesale Manifest means that you are including prices for your products

8. Once all details are confirmed, click Register Transfer and close your Metrc tab

9. Back in GrowFlow, complete the transfer by clicking the blue button labeled Register Complete

Your outgoing transfer is now complete!

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