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Metrc: Register Outbound Transfers in Metrc
Metrc: Register Outbound Transfers in Metrc

How to complete outgoing transfers between Metrc licenses in GrowFlow Wholesale

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To ensure a seamless process, we recommend creating outbound orders directly in GrowFlow. After building the order and selecting the delivery options in GrowFlow, each order must be completed in Metrc by registering the transfer.

1. Create and build the order in GrowFlow per standard order workflows, ensuring all products are labeled with the existing or new Metrc tag ID

Note: See Wholesale: How to Create a Sales Order for instructions on building orders in GrowFlow

2. Once the delivery options have been selected and the order is in the Need to Sync with Metrc stage, click the green Take Me There button to be redirected to your Metrc account

3. In Metrc, click Transfers within the navigation bar, then click Templates from the drop-down

4. Orders that were created in GrowFlow will be visible on the Templates page. Locate the applicable order by confirming the Date Created and the receiving license number in the Destination column.

5. Open the order by clicking Use

6. The Metrc manifest will open. If you are processing a Wholesale Manifest, select Wholesale Transfer as the type. This will input any values set in GrowFlow. Confirm the destination, route, and driver details and the tag IDs on the order.

Note: Transfers that include pricing details for products are referred to as Wholesale Transfers.

7. Once all details are confirmed, towards the bottom of the window, click Register Transfer, then close Metrc

8. Back in GrowFlow, finish by promptly completing the transfer by clicking the blue Register Complete button

9. The order will live in the In Transit column until the receiving party accepts the transfer in Metrc. Once it's accepted, the order can be found via Orders > Sales History.

PLEASE NOTE: Data from a manifest generated in Metrc will NOT sync into GrowFlow. For compliance, you should always use the Metrc manifest for cannabis transportation.

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