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Wholesale: Inventory Overview
Wholesale: Inventory Overview

A complete walkthrough of the Inventory Overview in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Inventory Overview

The Inventory Overview provides a comprehensive list view of your bulk and packaged inventory, immature plant batches, mature plants, assets, non-cannabis items, and reserved inventory.

1. Access the Inventory Overview by clicking on the Inventory tab or clicking Inventory > Overview

Tabs, Columns, & Pages

Inventory, Plants, & Non-Cannabis

2. The Inventory tab is open by default upon entering the Inventory Overview. This is a list of all the inventory currently active in your account, including cannabis and asset inventory.

  • Click on the Plants tab to view a list of all the immature plant batches and packaged mature plants currently active in your account

  • Click on the Non-Cannabis tab to view a list of all of the non-cannabis inventory currently in your account

Note: Non-Cannabis Inventory is included in the GrowFlow COGS functionalities. If you do not currently have COGS enabled in your account, reach out to chat support to request this feature. See COGS: Create Non-Cannabis Inventory to learn more.

3. The Inventory, Plants, and Non-Cannabis tabs offer a wide variety of columns to display for a quick view of your inventory details. Double-click on any column header to sort the list view alphanumerically based on that specific column.

4. To the right of the actions area, click ▼ to customize your column views


5. The Reservations tab provides a list view of the inventory quantities currently reserved and not yet packed on orders. The column details include:

  • Vendor: The customer's name for which the inventory is reserved

  • PO#: The order number the inventory is reserved on. Click on the order number to open the order.

  • Inventory#: The inventory ID, if assigned as the source inventory on the order. If source inventory has not yet been assigned on Pre-Orders and Order Requests, the column will appear blank.

Tip: Click on an Inventory ID to view the specific details of any item, including related inventory, orders and reservations, change log history, and internal notes.

  • Type: Traceability type

  • Strain: Strain name

  • Product: The assigned GrowFlow Product name

  • Qty: The quantity reserved on the order

  • Pkg Size: The package size if the Product is pre-packaged

  • Created: The date the reservation was created


  • Click Clear to clear a reserved line item from this list. This will not delete the item from the order.

  • Columns in the Reservations tab cannot be customized.

Page Views

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on the left or right arrows or the page numbers to change page views

7. Click on the drop-down to select the number of line items to view per page

Filters & Other Views

8. Use the search bar to search by Inventory ID or filter by:

  • Type: Traceability types

  • Strain: Strain names

  • Room: Rooms created in GrowFlow

  • Products: GrowFlow product names

  • Brand: Brands created in GrowFlow

  • Size: Pre-packaged product sizes

  • Category: GrowFlow product categories

The filter selections are populated by your currently active inventory list and chosen views.


  • Can't find what you're looking for? Try a global search.

  • Filters are saved, even when you leave the page. Click Clear Filters to remove all applied filters at once.

9. Utilize the page counts when auditing your inventory, pulling reports, or performing actions on the Inventory Overview:

  • Showing: The number of inventory items currently displayed in the inventory list view. This number adjusts by tab, and as filters, searches, or views are applied.

  • Checked: The number of items selected in the inventory list view

  • Grams: The total number of grams currently accounted for in the inventory list view. This number adjusts by tab, and as filters, searches, or views are applied.

10. Click the purple View Other Inventory button to select the type of inventory you'd like to view. Depending on your jurisdiction, these options may vary. View other inventory by:

  • In Stock

  • Waste

  • On Order

  • Seeds

  • Packaged

  • In Store

    • Sellable in your LIVE Marketplace store setup

  • Samples

  • QA Samples

  • Hidden

See Hidden Inventory Rooms for more information

Inventory Workflows & Actions

11. Use these tools to complete Inventory workflows in your account. The Inventory tools available depend on your state-mandated traceability. Please refer to the options applicable to your jurisdiction below.



Washington & Standalone States


Available Jurisdiction

Help Articles


Metrc & BioTrack



& Standalone States


All States


All States




All States


All states except Oklahoma



Use the Other tool to:



Use the Other tool to:



& Standalone States

Use the Other tool to:

12. In the actions area:

  • Click the refresh icon to refresh your Inventory Overview data

  • Click Export to export a .csv file of the current inventory list in your view. Note that the file will be exported with any filters, searches, selected view, selected tab, and column sorting applied.

Select inventory line items to perform the following actions:

  • Click Destroy to enter inventory waste and destructions

  • Click Modify to modify inventory details

Available modifications are based on your state-mandated traceability. See:

  • Click Move to move inventory into a different room


  • Check the top selection box to select all inventory

  • When selecting multiple items, check the first box, then hold the shift key down and select the last box. This will include everything in between in the selection.

13. In the Options column, use Edit to:

  • Undo Inventory: This will return a child package to its parent. This option is not available for Metrc states and is only available for IDs without any children packages created from it in all other states.

  • Adjust Inventory

  • Sub-lot Inventory

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