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Wholesale: Sublot to Split your Inventory
Wholesale: Sublot to Split your Inventory

Sub-lot existing inventory to split a total or partial quantity into a new package in GrowFlow Wholesale

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The Sub-Lot feature in GrowFlow splits a total or partial quantity from the parent item into one or more new packages. Sub-lotted inventory inherits the parent item's traceability type and lab results but receives a unique Inventory ID.

From the Inventory Overview, locate the item to sub-lot and click Edit > SubLot.

In the Split Inventory window, enter the required details described below:

A. Units/Weight To Deduct Per Item: Enter the quantity you want to split off into each new ID.

B. # of New Inventory: Enter the number of new IDs ("sublots") to make with the quantity entered in A. For example, if you want to create two new IDs with the same quantity, enter 2.

C. Change Product (Optional): Select a new product name to apply to the new IDs, if needed.

D. Move to new room: The room will default to the same room unless otherwise specified.

E. Finish by clicking Split: After you confirm the action, the screen will show your new sub-lotted IDs and the adjusted original (parent) item.

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