Updated 03/31/2022

The Sub-Lot feature in GrowFlow splits the desired quantity off from the parent item into a new package, resulting in a child item. Sub-lotted inventory inherits the parent lot's traceability type and lab results but receives a new Inventory ID.

Let's get started!

From the Inventory Overview, locate the Parent Lot and click Edit > SubLot on the line item.

A. Units/Weight To Deduct Per Item

  • Enter the quantity you are splitting off into the new ID

B. #of New Inventory

  • Default is 1. This is the typical option and will create one new ID

  • If you wish to create two new lots of the same quantity, you could enter the quantity for each and enter "2", so on and so forth

C. Product

  • If the product differs, assign a new product of the same traceability type

  • If it's a packaged product, it should have the same unit weight as the original unless you plan to adjust the number of units after sub-lotted

D. Room

  • The room will default to the same room unless otherwise specified

E. Confirm your work and Finish by clicking "Split"!

  • After you confirm the action, the screen will show you your new sub-lot(s) and the adjusted, original lot.

Great work!


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