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Wholesale: Global Search

Use this built-in tool in GrowFlow Wholesale to globally search and locate anything that has ever existed in your account

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Updated 09/20/2022

The Global Search tool looks across space and time to find inventory of any kind that you are looking for. Find plants and packages, new or old, where they are located, and even determine inventory relations!

Search All Inventory

Before you start, you may not need to go through the investigative process with Global Search. On the Inventory Overview, after entering an ID into the search bar, just click the Search All Inventory button below to locate depleted or deleted inventory!

Global Search

1. To begin a Global Search, click the magnifying glass icon in the navigation bar atop your account. This is accessible from any page.

2. Then search for any ID in the search bar.

3. Depending on the type of ID you enter, the search will populate the results in its applicable tabs.

  • Inventory IDs will populate in the Inventory tab

  • Plant IDs will populate in the Plants tab

  • Inventory located on orders will populate in the Orders tab with the order's details

  • Lab Result IDs will populate in the QA tab, as well as populate related inventory in the Inventory and Orders tabs.

4. Click on a result's tile to view the details.

In the Inventory Details, there are a few key locations to pay attention to. Knowing what these mean will help you locate and understand your inventory!

A. Status: The current status of the ID.

  • In Stock: The Inventory contains available weight/units, or the Plant is active.

  • Scheduled for Destruction: The ID is located in a Waste Bin in your account and is awaiting final disposal. If this was a mistake, you can locate the ID in the Waste Bin and click "Undo Destroy".

  • Deleted: The ID has been disposed of and cannot be resurrected.

B. Type: This is the traceability type assigned to the ID, determined by your jurisdiction.

C. Remaining Quantity: How many units or how much weight is left.

D. Reserved Quantity: How many grams or units are already dedicated to an active order.

E. Starting Quantity: The starting quantity, received when the ID was created.

F. Pkg Weight: For packaged products, this represents the item’s unit weight.

G. QA Result: For tested material, this displays the status of the received test results, the QA Sample ID representing the result, the QA Parent Lot representing the Parent Lot that was sent for testing, and the potency results.

H. If any questions remain regarding the remaining quantity, you may want to check the Orders tab of the Inventory Details to confirm what has already been sent out on what orders.

I. Click View on Inventory Page below the ID if any adjustments or modifications need to be made.

Now you'll be able to locate and understand the historical data of your plants and inventory!

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