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OK Metrc: Metrc Workaround for Lab Sample Transfers
OK Metrc: Metrc Workaround for Lab Sample Transfers

Wholesale: Use this workflow for submitting QA samples for testing your batches

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Updated 7/27/2022

Metrc has a bug that is affecting lab transfers initiated in third-party integrator applications like GrowFlow. The lab-sample manifest template that is normally created in GrowFlow and registered in Metrc does not finish registering in Metrc properly. So, you'll need to perform most of the steps directly in your Metrc account for the time being until Metrc fixes the issue.

This article explains what to do until Metrc fixes the lab-transfer template. It does not apply to R&D testing.

Step 1: Create the Reserve Samples

You have two options when making Reserve Samples, this step can be done either in Metrc or in GrowFlow. If you are providing Reserve Samples, these need to be created before creating the primary lab samples.

  • Note: Skip this step if you're not providing Reserve Samples

Option 1: How to make Reserve Samples in Metrc

Locate and select the source package, then click the New Packages button to make a new ID of the sample quantity needed.

  • Check the Same Item box

  • Do not check the Production Batch box

Option 2: How to make Reserve Samples in GrowFlow

On the Inventory Overview, locate the source package and click Edit > Sublot on the line item. In the Split Inventory window, enter the weight of the sample size in the Weight to Deduct Per Item field and click Split.

  • Note: Do not create Reserve Samples on a Lab Order in GrowFlow! Currently, that would flow through to Metrc as a primary lab sample and would be rejected by the lab.

Step 2: Create the Primary Lab Samples

IMPORTANT: This step is to be done in Metrc only! Create each lab sample directly from the source package that needs the test results applied to it.

  • Note: Do not create a sublot and use that as your primary lab sample. If you do use a sublot as the primary testing sample, the results will not attach to the source package.

1. In your Metrc account, go to the Packages page and click on the Active tab

2. Locate the package(s) that represents the batch to be tested and click on it so it highlights in orange. Then, click the Submit For Testing button.

3. The Submit For Testing window will open

  • Note: The upper left side of the window information is about the sample; The upper right side is about the source package.

Follow Steps a-g below to fill out the Submit for Testing window:

a. New Tag: Select the next available package tag for the sample

b. Location: Select the room the sample will be in before it leaves your facility

c. Item: Select the Same Item box

  • A “Product" in Growflow is called an "Item" in Metrc

d. Left-Hand Quantity: Enter the quantity of the sample required by the lab

e. Σ: Enter the quantity's unit of measure.

  • This should match the source package UOM

f. Package Date: Click Today for the date of the sample you pulled

g. Right-Hand Quantity: Enter the quantity of the sample, again, that you pulled from the source quantity

4. In the Required Testing section, check the box for the type of testing you need, according to the category/type of product the package is. Contact your lab if you are not sure what test type you need.

  • Note: For Flower & Buds or Shake/Trim, select Raw Plant Material

5. Select the ➕ sign if you selected multiple packages during step 2 of creating Primary Lab Samples and complete the entries for the next sample you are making

6. If this is a retest QA order, check the Retest (All) box:

7. When you've completed entering all sample information, click the Submit For Testing button

8. You'll notice that samples you created this way will have a teardrop shape next to the package tag ID in Metrc

  • Note: Reserve samples do not have the teardrop shape

Step 3: Important! Sync Samples created in Metrc to GrowFlow

In GrowFlow, head to Admin > Sync and click Run All Standard Syncs

  • Note: This needs to be done before adding the samples to a manifest in Metrc. Do not skip this step! If you do, you are more likely to get out of sync between Growflow and Metrc on the sample history.

Step 4: Create the Lab Transfer and Transfer it in Metrc

1. In Metrc, in the Active Packages list, select all the Primary and Reserve samples you have just created for sending to the lab

2. Click the New Transfer button

3. Enter all the required information

4. In the Type field in the upper right, select Lab Sample Transfer

5. Register the transfer

Step 5: Important! Sync the pending Lab Transfer in GrowFlow

An Inventory Transfer sync needs to be run in your GrowFlow account immediately before the lab has time to accept the transfer. This will bring the Transfer into the In Transit column of your GrowFlow account.

In GrowFlow, head back over to Admin > Sync in and click Inventory Transfer Sync.

Now, you’ll await the results. Once the lab accepts the samples, your lab order In Transit will close in Growflow when synced. Your results will eventually sync from Metrc to the source package. After that, any child packages created from the source package will also carry the source package's test results.

We know this workflow is not optimal. We hope Metrc fixes the lab transfer template soon so you can create your Lab Transfers in GrowFlow!

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