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Wholesale: Audit Inventory

Use the Audit tool to adjust the weights of several inventory items at once in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 9/12/23

Use Audit to adjust the weight of multiple inventory items at once for the same reason.

Watch this quick video on using the Audit tool:

1. From the Inventory Overview, we have two options to begin using the Audit tool:

  • Option 1: Simply click Audit to open the tool with a full list of your active inventory

  • Option 2: Use the filters or the search bar to locate and select the specific inventory items in need of adjusting, then click Audit to open the tool with a list of only the selected items

Continue with these steps in the Audit Inventory window:

2. Select a reason for the adjustments from the drop-down

Note: Reasons available depend on your jurisdiction.

3. Enter a detailed explanation

4. Locate the inventory in need of adjustment and enter the New Qty per item. Entering a new quantity will auto-select the line item.

Tip! The New Qty fields auto-populate as zero when items are selected. If you are adjusting items to zero, you can simply select each item you are adjusting without having to enter zero.

5. When all new quantities are entered and the items are selected, click Preview Adjustments

6. Review the adjustments made, then click Submit Adjustments when you are ready to complete the audits:

Tip! To edit the quantities or items selected, click Back to Adjust

7. You will be redirected to the Inventory Overview to receive a success message and to view the item's new quantities:

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