Updated 09/20/2022

In this article, we will go over how to create an order to send your samples to a lab for testing. Before creating your lab order make sure that your source packages for testing are under the batch size limit for your state. Keep it in mind that you will need to send out for testing and receive the results back before you can package or sell any material from your tested source packages.

  • Pro-tip! The "Batch ID" for testing is the QA Parent ID found in GrowFlow

  • Note: California & Oklahoma! Metrc has a bug that is affecting lab transfers initiated in third-party integrator applications like GrowFlow. If you are in California or Oklahoma, this article is not currently for you. Please see the applicable links below for the workaround to creating Lab Transfers.

Creating a Lab Transfer

1. To start an order of lab samples to be sent out for testing, click Orders > New QA Sample.

2. Select "Lab" as the Order Type.

3. Select your lab from the drop-down list. Make sure to double-check their license number.

4. Use the filters or search bar to locate the batches ready for testing.

5. Enter the number of grams per sample in the "Qty" field.

6. Click "Preview Order" once you've added all sample weights per batch.

7. Double-check the weight of your samples and click "Confirm New Order" once you have ensured all looks correct.

8. You will be redirected to the Order Overview page. Locate the lab order quickly by filtering the Order Type, Vendor, or by searching by the order number, then move your order to the next stage by clicking the green arrow.

9. The order will open. Assign new ID numbers to your samples by clicking the "Package/Repackage and Fill all Items" button.

10. Click the printer icons to print the labels for labeling the samples, then click "Mark Sales Order as "Labeled" when labeling is complete.

  • Pro-Tip! The New ID# is the QA Sample ID, which will represent the test results once received.

11. Click "Select Delivery Options" to build your manifest and always make sure to double-check dates, times, delivery driver, and vehicle details, as well as the facility addresses.

12. Print the manifest to prepare your driver.

13. When you are ready, click "Click to Transfer Order" to place the Lab order In Transit.

You're on your way to tested material!

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