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Wholesale: Adjust Inventory

Here's how to adjust an item's quantity with the option to return the weight to its parent item(s) in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 8/30/23

Here's how to adjust an item's available quantity and, optionally, how to return the difference in weight back into the item's parent quantity if it was made from another item.

Adjust Child Item Only

1. On the Inventory Overview on the line item to adjust, go to Edit > Adjust:

2. In the Adjust Inventory window, enter the required details:

A. Select a Reason for the adjustment (options depend on your jurisdiction)

B. Enter an Explanation for the adjustment

Tip! This will be logged with your adjustment and is very helpful if you have to refer to past adjustments for why the adjustment occurred. Be as specific as you can!

C. Enter the value to adjust to in the New Qty box on the Child Item line

D. Click Confirm to complete the adjustment

Adjust Child and Parent Item

If you want to adjust a child item up or down and want the parent item to be adjusted for the difference, check the bottom checkbox for the Parent Item:

View Inventory Adjust History

Go to Dashboard > Reports > Changes > Inventory Adjust to see a date-filterable log of all adjustments made in GrowFlow with the user name who performed the adjustment and the reason given:

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